Tips And Tricks

Tip - How to Optimize a Windows Laptop for Low Latency Real Time Audio

Have you ever wished that you could use all your virtual instruments libraries for your keyboards or all these incredible virtual amps from your studio for your guitar or bass on stage? Make your wish come true, then: most laptops … [Read More...]

Tip - “Save As User Default” Magic

Today, let’s have a look at the hidden features inside the “Save As User Default” command from our plug-ins’ preset menu: it actually does more than just saving default preset settings! The Basics The idea of this command is to … [Read More...]

Tip - Can you make an electric guitar truly sound like an acoustic?

Have you ever dreamed playing your electric guitar with a genuine acoustic guitar sound like this? In this tutorial we are going to create an monster acoustic guitar simulation preset using a simple coil neck pickup as input and 2 … [Read More...]

Tip - How to Transform a Stratocaster Into a Hollow Body Jazz Guitar

Let’s do some real magic today with the brand new Re-Guitar plugin: in this tutorial we are going to learn how to turn a single coil sound (typical strat neck pickup) into a hollow body jazz guitar sound, without modifying … [Read More...]

Tip - How To Do Mid/Side Processing With Any Plug-In

The traditional way to manage stereo streams is to use separate left and right channels sources. There is however another way: by recombining these left and right channels, you can actually separate the mid channel (mono or center) from the sides … [Read More...]

Tip - Improve Stereo Image With Delays

Delays are omnipresent in our modern productions, and while the basic purpose of a delay is to repeat signals, you can get some interesting stereo image effects using different L & R repetitions. Here’s a very simple tip on how … [Read More...]

Tip - How to Load and Use Custom Impulse Responses in Axiom & Destructor

Now that we can load custom IR’s inside Blue Cat’s Axiom (Amp + internal EQ), we thought it was a good idea to write a short tutorial on how to load and use/tweak IR’s inside Blue Cat Audio software. You … [Read More...]

Tip - How To Drag And Drop Plug-Ins With PatchWork 2.3

Blue Cat’s PatchWork 2.3 is here, with drag and drop support for plug-ins. Let’s see how to use this new feature to streamline your workflow! >discuss this topic in the forum

Tip - 8 Tips To Get The Best Guitar Tone With Plug-Ins

We live in a world with many guitarists, tons of tools and a lot of options to record our beloved guitars. Yet I feel we spend more time practicing than tweaking our sounds, while the tone is actually as important … [Read More...]

Tip - Integrated Plug-Ins Control With Blue Cat’s Axiom

If you need to access effects parameters quickly with Blue Cat’s Axiom, you don’t need to launch the plug-in editor every time: you can control the plug-ins that are loaded in the pre and post amp sections directly from the … [Read More...]

Tip - PatchWork 2.1 – What’s New? A Closer Look!

Let’s take a closer look at Blue Cat’s PatchWork 2.1 free update that was released today and explore some of its new features! 25 Built-in Audio Effects Blue Cat’s PatchWork can now be used as a multi effects processor on … [Read More...]

Tip - Browsing Late Replies Presets & Using Locks

In this tutorial, you will learn how to get the best of Blue Cat’s Late Replies factory presets, with its multiple types of sub-presets for each section and the lock icons for base delay, GUI settings and ducking. >discuss this … [Read More...]

Tip - PatchWork + Destructor + Late Replies – The Ultimate Guitar Combo?

Did you know that as a guitarist, with Blue Cat’s PatchWork as a host application (or plug-in), Blue Cat’s Destructor for the guitar tone and Late Replies for the ambiance and creative effects, you have access to an incredible palette of … [Read More...]

Tip - Late Replies – Managing Delay Time & Working With The Grid

Blue Cat’s Late Replies offers a flexible approach to manage the delay time across its multi-tap section and feedback loops. In this video Eli Krantzberg explains the base delay settings, and tells you how to use (or not to use) … [Read More...]

Tip - Blue Cat’s Late Replies Creative Delay Walkthrough Video

Got your copy of Blue Cat’s Late Replies? Not sure how to get started? Haven’t tried the plug-in yet and wondering why you would need yet another delay plug-in? Don’t worry: here is a video that walks you through the … [Read More...]

Tip - Destructor In the Studio – Part 4: Overdrive!

For the last episode of “Destructor In the Studio”, we’ll get into overdrive! Listen to guitars being recorded thru the “Highway To Rock Preset”, and see how the “US Metal Legends” preset is tweaked to get a screaming lead sound … [Read More...]

Tip - Destructor In the Studio – Part 3

Eli is back in the studio with Blue Cat’s Destructor, adding this time some more dirt to blend together two guitar parts, recorded “straight into the box”. >discuss this topic in the forum

Tip - Destructor In the Studio – Part 2

It’s time for a new episode! After exploring clean sounds last week, Eli is now adding some crunch to guitar parts to get them sit in the mix. Not familiar with Blue Cat’s Destructor distortion and amp simulation plug-in  yet? Download the … [Read More...]

Tip - Destructor In the Studio – Part 1

We are glad to unleash the first episode of a video series about Blue Cat’s Destructor in the studio: Eli Krantzberg will show you how he uses Destructor to record and mix guitar parts for a TV underscore cue he is working on. … [Read More...]

Tip - Guitar Tone Matching With Blue Cat’s Destructor – EVH

There are many ways to match the tone of your favorite guitar players with your own gear. Here is Hans Van Even‘s method, using Blue Cat’s Destructor to mimic Eddie Van Halen’s famous guitar tone, also known as the “brown sound”. Watch … [Read More...]

Tip - Transfering Blue Cat Audio Plug-Ins to a New Windows PC

If you are using multiple machines or if you want to transfer your plug-ins quickly to a new PC without having to register your all your Blue Cat Audio plug-ins again and setup your preferences, here is the solution. Note: … [Read More...]

Tip - Hosted Plug-ins Automation

Did you know that you can use automation to control the plug-ins hosted inside Blue Cat’s PatchWork or MB-7 Mixer V3? The example below uses PatchWork in Pro Tools 12, but the same applies to the MB-7 Mixer multiband plug-in … [Read More...]

Tip - VST3 Plug-In ID Changes on Mac

Despite all our efforts, sometimes bugs are not caught before the software is released, and this one has an impact on VST3 users on Mac, so we’d like to share more information about it with you, so that you can … [Read More...]

Tip - Save Favorite Plug-Ins and Settings & Reload From Menu

Did you know that with PatchWork V2 and MB-7 Mixer V3 you can save your favorite plug-ins (and their entire configuration) to reload them directly from the plug-in menu? Here is how you can do it! Save Plug-In and its Settings … [Read More...]

Tip - Dynamic & Side Chain Distortion

In the following tutorial, producer Joshua Casper shows Blue Cat’s Destructor exclusive shape dynamics settings and explores the side chain capabilities of the plug-in. Yes, you can do side chain distortion! And this video will tell you how! Enjoy! >discuss this … [Read More...]

Tip - In-Depth FREE Destructor Tutorial, and more!

Our partners at Groove3 have released an awesome in-depth tutorial for Blue Cat’s Destructor: all features of the plug-in are covered, from the straightforward easy-mode to the most advanced side chain distortion capabilities. This tutorial is definitely recommended if you want … [Read More...]

Tip - Blue Cat’s Destructor for Electronic Music

To follow up on the dark side of the Destructor, we are glad to interview today Sink, who was part of the beta testing team for Blue Cat’s Destructor and also created many factory presets for the plug-in. Let’s forget about … [Read More...]

Tip - MIDI Connectivity and Side Chaining

Did you know that all our plug-ins can be connected together via MIDI (or automation)? This tutorials demonstrates these capabilities to perform side chain compression on the lower part of the signal of the target track, using Blue Cat’s Dynamics and … [Read More...]

Tip - Windows: Are Your Plug-Ins Infected by A Virus?

This is the kind of scary message that will usually prevent you from installing downloaded software, isn’t it? So What? Unfortunately (or fortunately?), such messages from Windows 10 or your anti virus software have most of the time nothing to … [Read More...]

Tip - Free Plug-Ins for Commercial Use?

We are often asked this question: “May I use your free plug-ins for my commercial audio project?”. So we thought it was worth clarifying: the answer is YES, do use them! These plug-ins are fully free, with no limitation of … [Read More...]

Tip - Effect or Virtual Instrument?

Did you know that there are two versions of Blue Cat’s PatchWork? In case you have not noticed, the PatchWork plug-in comes in two flavors: effect (“PatchWork”) or virtual instrument (“PatchWork Synth”). That’s two different plug-ins that you may want … [Read More...]

Tip - Everything You Need To Know About the MB-7 Mixer

Blue Cat’s’MB-7 Mixer is one of our most feature-rich plug-in: it combines multiband processing, third party plug-ins hosting, mid/side processing, side chain support, MIDI and automation generation, multiple instances  communication and more… That’s quite a lot of power into your … [Read More...]

Tip - Setting Up Ceiling Level with Blue Cat’s Protector

Did you know that Blue Cat’s Protector 0dB brickwall limiter can be used to set a maximum ceiling level? In addition to protecting your ears and monitors, this will also ensure that the chosen peak level is never exceeded.

Tip - Copy/Paste Settings Between Plug-In Instances

Did you know that you can copy and paste settings between instances of the same Blue Cat Audio Plug-In? Also, did you know that it also work between different DAWs and plug-ins formats? For example you can copy the settings … [Read More...]

Tip - Multiband Side Chain with the MB-7 Mixer Plug-In

In this video, you will learn how to use the extra side chain input of the Blue Cat’s MB-7 Mixer plug-in to create multiband side chain effects with sub-plug-ins.

Tip - Blue Cat’s Crafters Pack: The New Bundle for Creative Minds

The release of Blue Cat’s Plug’n Script 2.0 is also the opportunity for us to unleash a new bundle: Blue Cat’s Crafters Pack. This bundle combines our most powerful tools to customize your virtual studio and build the ultimate audio … [Read More...]

Tip - Blue Cat’s Plug’n Script 2.0 Is Out!

We are happy to announce the release of Blue Cat’s Plug’n Script 2.0. This new version brings many improvements, such as an extra side chain input and multiple auxiliary outputs, native scripts support and enhanced user interface with the KUIML 2.0 programming … [Read More...]

Tip - Exploring Blue Cat’s Dynamics 4.0 for Compression

Spend 14 minutes with Jerry in this free video and explore compression techniques with Blue Cat’s Dynamics 4.0:

Tip - Upward and Downward Compression with Blue Cat’s Dynamics 4

Our friends at Pro Tools Expert have just published an overview video of the new Blue Cat’s Dynamics 4.0 plug-in, demonstrating the upward and downward compression capabilities of the plug-in. Check it out!

Tip - Using Side Chain With Blue Cat’s PatchWork In Pro Tools

Starting with version 1.7, Blue Cat’s PatchWork supports external side chain with most DAWs. In this tutorial we’ ll show how to use the external side chain input with Pro Tools to feed a sub-plug-in hosted inside PatchWork with the … [Read More...]

Tip - Using Blue Cat’s MB-5 Dynamix to Enhance a Percussion Track

Today Jerry Mateo shows us how to use Blue Cat’s MB-5 Dynamix to gate the higher frequencies of a shaker track to improve its dynamics:

Tip - Multiple Tracks Spectrum Analysis

In this video Jerry Mateo shows how to use Blue Cat’s FreqAnalyst Multi in a busy mix.

Tip - Happy New Year – Blue Cat’s PatchWork Update

We wish you all a happy new year! To celebrate 2015, we are happy to announce a new version of Blue Cat’s PatchWork (free update for existing customers). So what’s new with this new release? New “Light Blue” Theme Skin If you … [Read More...]

Tip - Your Own (Free) Plug-Ins Browser with Icons on Mac

Did you know that you can use custom icons for your plug-ins on Mac? We have already shown in previous tutorial how to organize your plug-ins on Mac, and how to customize the organization with icons on Windows so that they … [Read More...]

Tip - Using Blue Cat’s PatchWork Host Application in 32-bit Mode on Mac

32-bit? On Mac, Blue Cat’s PatchWork standalone host application will run by default in 64-bit mode. This lets the application access as much memory as possible and load 64-bit plug-ins. However, some legacy plug-ins are available only as 32-bit binaries. In order … [Read More...]

Tip - Organize Your VST Plug-Ins on Windows

  As shown some time ago for the Mac, today’s tip shows you how to organize your plug-ins on windows, in order to find and load them quickly into Blue Cat’s PatchWork or MB-7 Mixer. As you will see, It’s no rocket … [Read More...]

Tip - Blue Cat’s PatchWork Standalone Tips Video

Still wondering how you can use our new standalone host application? Our Friends at Pro Tools Expert have released a nice video which demonstrates some of the capabilities of the new Blue Cat’s PatchWork Application, check it out!

Tip - Blue Cat’s PatchWork Standalone: What Can It Do for You?

Since the release of Blue Cat’s PatchWork 1.6 yesterday, we have been asked a couple of times what it is possible to do with the standalone version of the software. So here is a brief overview and a few ideas … [Read More...]

Tip - Blue Cat’s PatchWork Standalone Host Application

With version 1.6, Blue Cat’s PatchWork is now available both as a plug-in and a standalone application: it can be used on its own, without the need for a third party host application. This is probably the fastest and lightest … [Read More...]

Tip - Using MIDI FX in Pro Tools

Did you know that you can use AAX plug-ins as MIDI Effects in Pro Tools? AAX plug-ins can receive MIDI events, modify them, and send them to another plug-in. Yes, it’s possible! MIDI Routing As an example, let’s see how … [Read More...]