Offloading Plugin Processing Onto a Remote Computer (Video)

It is pretty cool when you harness the power of two plugins to solve a problem. In the video below you will see how to run a plugin in one computer using Patchwork (product page) and sending the audio back and forth with Connector (product page) from a different computer.

Yes, we can! 🙂

Demonstration in video

In the example below the main computer is an iMac is running Logic and Connector. The second computer is a Mac studio (Apple Silicon inside) running the desired audio plugin in Patchwork. You can of course do the same with a Mac and a PC, and load plug-ins on the PC that are not available on Mac or vice versa.

A full step by step blog post is also available in this article to get all the geeky details.

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  1. WOWEE,that plugin looks amazingly simple with plenty to keep all routing from computer to remote computer.A class,THUMBS UP>>

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