Getting Started With Axiom V2

New to Axiom V2? Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the myriad possibilities it offers for your guitar and bass? Fear not, as we are here to break down the complexity and show you just how accessible this all-in-one solution really is!

Follow Leigh Fuge, who will be your guide through the key features of our guitar software in this tutorial. He will walk you through the steps to get started, whether you’re interested in diving into factory presets or creating your unique and distinctive guitar sound.

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5 thoughts on “Getting Started With Axiom V2

  1. Have you got any idea how to associate a MIDI Program CHANGE message to a particular preset? In the EZ preset browser, they list MIDI Channel/ProgramChange 000/000 to 000/127 starting with bass guitars and ending abruptly midway through the Clean + FX list. They are each responsive to my MIDI X-15 Ultrafoot. How do I address all the other presets, and the custom ones I create? The MIDI Program Change drop down menu allows one to select Channel 1 to 16, but there is no discoverable association map for PC (Program Change) MIDI messages as there is with CC (Control Change) messages in the Control Setting Window.

    1. Just FYI the factory presets are associated with bank 0 only, and since a bank cannot have more than 128 presets, that’s why they are not all available via this method (so that there is enough room to create your own banks). You can copy your favorite presets to your own banks to go thru them via MIDI

    1. Currently you cannot “favorite” presets in Axiom, but you can easily save them into a “favorites” folder using the “Save As…” command

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