Compact Bass Guitar Rig Using Xtone Pro and Axiom

Compact Bass Rig Using Xtone and Axiom

As seen in a previous tutorial, it is possible to get awesome bass guitar tones using Axiom (product page). In this video we show you a stage rig built around this solution.

The hardware we are using is the XSonic XTone Pro ( which is both an audio interface and a MIDI pedalboard.

Compact Stage Bass Rig

Configuration used for the tutorial

Please note that the way the XTone Pro works is that the foot switch lights are activated depending on the last one which is pushed, not relating to the state of the effect. That’s why you don’t see the light go on or off when the effect is activated or deactivated. This is normal for the XTone which is usually used to change presets, not effects.

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