How to Create a Warm Jazz Guitar Tone With Axiom

Toady’s tip is a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a warm Jazz tone in Blue Cat’s Axiom.

Step 1: Open Axiom with it s default settings, and use the neck pickup on your guitar for best results.





Step 2: In the AMP A rack, load the preset “Old Time Jazz” you can find this one in the “Guitar Legends Section”. You can also make one from scratch testing out different amps, but I found this particular preset very handy to start with.



Step 3: Open the AMP A editor (click on the e icon), this opens the DESTRUCTOR plugin.




Step 4: Deselect the Destruction + Post Filter sections, we’ll not going to use these. Keep the original PREAMP settings that come with the preset and close the DESTRUCTOR window.



Step 5: I would suggest to set the Tone control on your guitar to 50%, this really warms up the whole sound a bit more.

Step 6: Let’s add a simple Reverb to add some depth to your tone. Insert the Reverb plugin included with AXIOM in the POST FX A section and use these settings:
Density = High
Pre-Delay = 25 ms
Length = 3.8 ms
Reflectivity = 40 %
Lo-Cut = 75 Hz
High-Cut = 12.0 kHz


Step 7: That’s it, from here you can fine tweak the AMP A module further to match your guitar and if you don’t have access to a good jazz guitar be sure to check out my Re-Guitar tutorial on how to transform your single coil sound into a warm jazz guitar.

Here’s an idea on how it sounds in real (in this demo I also use the Re-Guitar plugin in front of the AXIOM preset):

Download both the free Axiom and Re-Guitar presets here:
Axiom Preset  – Benson
Re-Guitar Preset – Strat Single to Jazz Double

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