Freeceiver vs Connector

The new Freeceiver software, announced at NAMM last month, is now available! In a nutshell, it provides the network reception features of the Connector plug-in. But what are exactly the differences?

If you already have Connector or Fader Hub, do you need Freeceiver? And what does Connector do that Freeceiver does not? Let’s check it out!

Features Compared

Connector Freeceiver
Send Audio and MIDI YES NO
Receive Audio and MIDI YES YES
Network and Internet Mode YES YES
Lightweight Application Mode YES NO
AAX, Audio Unit, VST & VST3 format YES YES
Standalone Application NO YES
Compatible with Fader Hub YES (Send/Receive) YES (Receive)
UPnP IG Support (Internet Connection) YES YES
Lossless Audio Streaming Support YES YES
Audio Compression Support YES YES
Free of charge NO YES


All-in-all, Freeceiver provides the same audio experience as Connector for audio and MIDI reception, with the same pristine lossless quality. It also offers the same remote connection capabilities to communicate from remote locations thru the Internet.

But if you need to send audio or MIDI, you will need to use Connector or Fader Hub. However, if you are working with other people who only need to receive your audio or MIDI streams, they can use Freeceiver, without having to get a license for Connector.

Even if you have Connector or Fader Hub, Freeceiver will come in handy as a companion to these powerful tools: available as a standalone application, it is an easy solution to listen to audio streams remotely on speakers without having to deal with a host application. It also works well to receive and distribute MIDI to external hardware without requiring a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) application.

And it is a very lightweight plug-in to insert as an alternative to Connector for remote reception of both audio and MIDI inside a DAW or video streaming software such as OBS – especially if running on a separate machine.

Anyway, Freeceiver is 100% free, so why not download it and give it a try?

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