From Amp Sim to Tone Wizard: Axiom V2’s Levels Of Details

Unlock the Power of Axiom V2: Your Tone, Your Way!

Axiom V2 isn’t just a multi-effects processor – it’s a versatile beast with layers of sonic potential. Dive in at your own pace, whether you crave instant preset magic or want to sculpt every amp simulation nuance. Axiom’s got your back.

Level 1: Axiom The Easy Way (EZ Mode)

In “EZ Mode”, Axiom feels like your trusty amp simulator, but with a twist – extra pedals and controls for effects. IN this mode, you can discover your signature sound by tweaking amps, toggling effects, and adjusting pedal parameters.

All factory presets have been designed as full rigs, with some extra pedals to add more effects, so you can already spend a couple of days just exploring them the “EZ” way. Don’t underestimate the “EZ Mode”: it is already powerful, and you could spend a lifetime jamming with it!

if you are loving a rig but feeling a bit adventurous, just switch amps using the arrows next to the amp name, or explore our diverse amp models with a single click.

Level 2: Getting More with EZ Mode

If you have grown tired of the same old presets and amp models, EZ Mode has got you covered. Take things up a notch without delving into the nitty-gritty.

You can search and browse presets, craft your unique amp using tone maps, and even tweak or create macro parameters for enhanced pedal control.

Level 3: Enter Edit Mode

Craving more control over your sonic destiny? Welcome to Edit Mode! Load additional effects, including third-party plugins, into your rigs. Move them around, and unleash the full potential by accessing every parameter for precise tweaking.

Level 4: Amp And Pedal Artistry

Did you know that you can actually sculpt your very own amps and pedals with Axiom?

Unveil the hidden gem – the Destructor plug-in, that is hidden behind the amp simulations, and many distortion and compression pedals. Handpick components from existing presets, fine-tune them, and craft entirely new amps. You can even personalize the GUI!

Level 5: The “Insane” Mode

For the tone connoisseurs who thirst for unparalleled control, behold the “Insane” Mode. Dive even deeper, and manipulate every facet of the amp simulation and distortion/compression pedals.

From the Destructor amp/pedal editor, venture into the inner sanctum of each module. And here’s the kicker – it’s not as daunting as it seems! It’s all based on a perceptual model, and it might end up being more intuitive than fussing over virtual cabinets, multiple microphones, and their placements.

Check out the Destructor manual for more details!

In the end, there’s no pressure to explore Axiom to its deepest depths. Pick the level of detail that suits your style. The beauty lies in knowing that if you ever crave something different, you can always dive deeper and uncover new sonic horizons in the future!

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