Piezo Pickup DI Sounding Like A Real Acoustic Guitar!

Tired of the “plastic” tone that you get out of piezo pickups, even with acoustic guitars? Even buried in the mix, it is most of the time almost unusable and not very pleasant to play anyway!

With Re-Guitar 1.3‘s new piezo pickup input, you can now fix this and get great acoustic guitar tones with any piezo-equipped guitars, even solidbodys. Check this out!

The Re-Guitar plug-in lets you transform the sound of piezo pickups by either selecting some pre-defined acoustic guitar models or create your own. Forget about microphones and room acoustics, you can now enjoy the tone of your acoustic guitar when directly plugged into your audio interface, just like any electric guitar player!

And of course it still works very well with magnetic pickups, to turn your electric guitar into a completely different instrument, even a hollow body jazz guitar!

Do you really need more guitars? With one single instrument, you can now get an infinite number of tones! 🙂

Check out the demo version and try it out by yourself!

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