AI Generated Music with InstaComposer, Patchwork and Ableton Live

AI Generated Music with InstaComposer, Patchwork and Ableton Live

As we were browsing on YouTube we stumbled upon this great video on eggnogagogo YouTube channel.

In this video the musician is using the plugin InstaComposer from Waproduction ( This fascinating plugin generates music automatically using AI (Artificial Intelligence). No need to wait for ChatGPT to experiment with AI, you can do it right now in your DAW!

In conjunction with our Patchwork plugin (product page), the musician is showing how to route the output of the 5 channels coming out of of InstaComposer into separate tracks in Ableton Live.

The workflow is this:

  1. InstaComposer generates music and outputs 5 MIDI tracks
  2. Each MIDI track is fed to a synth plugin in Patchwork (product page)
  3. The five generated audio tracks are routed to Ableton Live for mixing and further processing

Note that in the video example below, it is 5 times the same synth plugin but of course it could be different for each channel to allow more variations.

Multi-channel MIDI Routing with InstaComposer & Ableton Live

The video is quite long and has NO AUDIO whatsoever except some music automatically generated here and there. So you will have to read the comment in the images to follow the process.

More info about Patchwork


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