How To Use Plug-ins with Your Electronic Drum Kit

In this video we show how the Patchwork application can be used to play live with plug-ins and your electronic drum kit system. Basically, the idea is that if you have several MIDI trigger modules, you can use Patchwork to load virtual instruments for each MIDI device and combine them together in one giant drum kit.

It is also possible to use multiple drums plug-ins and combine them together inside PatchWork.

If you prefer the snares of one plug-in but the cymbals of another, no problem! Just load them all in PatchWork and assign the drum pads to your favorite kit piece of each plug-in.

And since PatchWork can process each virtual instrument on a different CPU core, you can even load more kit pieces than if you were using a single drums virtual instrument, even on an old laptop.

How To Play e-Drums with Virtual Instruments in Patchwork

Gigantic e-Drums Kit Demo

And here is a demo playing this gigantic drum kit over a backing track. As you can see, all these toms are actually used!

Gear Used

  • Drum kit: Roland V-Drums TD-8 and TD-30, combined together via MIDI and connected to computer via USB
  • An old 2012 Macbook Air
  • Blue Cat Audio Patchwork Application
  • Virtual instrument for drums: XLN Audio‘s Addictive Drums 2

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