Connecting DAWs Together With Connector!

You Need to Share Audio and Midi between DAWs? BC Connector has a solution!

Here is a step by step tutorial to share audio and MIDI between Pro Tools and Logic. Think of Connector as a software walkie-talkie between the two DAWs you want to establish a connection between. Once the software is setup properly on both sides, the flow of information goes without a hitch.

If you need to send audio and/or MIDI from a application to another, you can do it very easily and flawlessly with Connector!

How to send audio and MIDI back in forth between Logic Pro and Pro Tools

Why Share Audio & MIDI Between Applications?

There are a couple of reasons why you would want to do connect DAWs together:

  • Use a legacy plug-in in a DAW to process the sound and record it back in another DAW.
  • Use a software instrument in a DAW that is not available in another, as shown in the video above.
  • Use two different machines to produce music (with different operating systems or incompatible software), as Blue Cat’s Connector can send and receive audio & MIDI through the network.
  • Benefit from some features that are only available in one DAW, while still working in another.

Connector is the bridge that lets you integrate DAWs (almost) seamlessly. The only limit is your imagination!

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