MIDI Pedalboard Shootout: Choose the Right Controller

MIDI Pedalboard Shootout: Choose the Right One

There are many MIDI pedalboards available on the market. At the lab, we don’t have all of them but… close! In the video below, we are showcasing several models that we tested with our software, from the cheapest unit to some of the most advanced controllers for your guitar rig!

Pedalboard reviewed in the video (in order of appearance):

  • Nektar Pacer (200€)
  • Behringer FCB1010 (150€)
  • Line6 FBV3 (250€)
  • Harley Benton MP100 (120€)
  • RJM Mastermind GT (2 000€)
  • Keith McMillen Softstep2 (400€)
  • Audiofront MIDI Expression (60€)

To complement that video, be sure to check out our tutorial about how to setup your MIDI pedalboard with your computer.

Choose the Right MIDI Pedalboard for Your Guitar


As you can see in the video, there is a wide range of products available. So your choice will depend on your specific needs.

For a gigging musician, we would recommend the Line6 FBV3 which is not super expensive (around 250€) and very well built. It is easy to program, powered via USB and covers the basic needs for a guitar player who wants to play with software.

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