Improvising Over a Drone Built with an Infinite Delay

Improvising Over A Drone with Axiom V2 / Late Replies

It is always a good idea to have an harmonic context when you want to work on your improvisation skills on the guitar, or simply to get inspired and find new ideas.

You can do that by playing over a backing track or a recorded sequence of chords on a looper. You can also even more easily record a drone note or chord with an infinite delay and jam over it. That’s typically how Eric Johnson does it for his introduction to Cliffs of Dovers in his live shows.

Guitar drone demo

With the Late Replies delay, the principle is extremely simple: to record a note or a chord and loop it with a predefined delay, click on the Freeze button after playing the notes, and voilà! You can do that in Axiom (Product page) or using Late Replies as a separate plug-in within your favorite DAW.

Here is an example. Beware, it is really addictive!

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