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Blue Cat's Chorus - Smooth Chorus Effect (AU, VST, RTAS, AAX and DX Plug-in) (Freeware) About Blue Cat's Chorus

The generous offering of a full range of time based modulators consists of very basic but powerful and versatile effects. The Blue Cat Chorus for example, is ALWAYS the first one I try for super rich detuning and haywire coloured effects, but at the same time, I find it can throw just the right wisp of mist into a warm string pad. - Max Debutante

Blue Cat's Oscilloscope Multi - Real Time Multi Tracks Waveform Analyzer Plug-in (VST, AU, RTAS, AAX, DX) About Blue Cat's Oscilloscope Multi

There aren't that many oscilloscope plug-ins available at the moment, and Oscilloscope Multi compares pretty well to similar software [...]. It's definitely slicker [...] and certainly boasts more features.

7/10 rating granted by Computer Music Magazine (CM), November 2008

Blue Cat's All Plug-Ins Pack - All Our Professional Audio Plugins in a Single Bundle (AU, VST, DX, RTAS, AAX) About Blue Cat's All Plugins Pack

"[Blue Cat Audio] products are very good, sensibly better than what so many software producers offer these days; one customer can truly rely on the work they're doing because Blue Cat are very WYSIWYG-respectful. They won't mislead you into buying "studio mastering-grade software" just for you to see at home that you've actually bought a lousy no good EQ!

Secondly, besides being very good and reliable professional-grade tools, they're also looking awesome and even more: the company producing these software tools is constantly developing new cool looks and skins so they would better integrate in the diverse applications' GUIs you might use! In the age of Vista's Aero-looks madness, such behavior – especially when coming from common plugins – is nothing more than one of the most appropriate recipes for commercial success." Florin Tibu, Editor -

Blue Cat's FreqAnalyst Multi - Real Time Multi Tracks Spectrum Analyzer (AU, DX, AAX, RTAS and VST Plug-in) About Blue Cat's FreqAnalyst Multi

"You could use it in a mix, to find out which of your tracks are stepping on each other's frequencies, but the obvious application is for mastering, and I quickly found it very useful for comparing my own mixes with reference material. Four memories are available to capture curves, but it's the ability to see multiple analyses together in real time that really makes this an unusual plug-in." - Sound On Sound Magazine - May 2008

Blue Cat's Freeware Plug-ins Pack II - Download Freeware Audio Plugins (VST, RTAS, Audio Unit, DirectX) (Freeware) About Blue Cat's Free Pack

"Congrats on a great product (the whole bundle)! I came across this by total accident as I was browsing through a CD that came with a mastering magazine I purchased![...] Lo and behold this Blue Cat stuff is the REAL deal! Very Very Very Pro level stuff here...I'm hooked! Even aesthetically it puts on and the sound is very creamy to my ears....very smooth! This product holds its own against just about anything out there! You now have yourselves another fan! I and others pay good money for sounds like this and y'all giving it away free! This is prolly one of the best accidents I've ever made! Lol!" - "Hymn"

Blue Cat's Triple EQ - Semi-Parametric 3 Bands Equalizer Audio Plug-in (VST, AU, RTAS, DX) (Freeware) About Blue Cat's Triple EQ

"I love the free TripleEQ plugin, I can easily focus in on a band and reduce the low end for my vocals. It's also handy for the master mixdown. Thanks!." - Aaron Rickels, recording musician, RunBeerRun

Blue Cat's MB-5 Dynamix - The All-in-One Multiband Dynamics Processor About Blue Cat's MB-5 Dynamix

"Blue Cat Audio’s MB-5 Dynamix plug-in [...] is cleverly designed to be both sonically effective and visually informative, clearly borrowing from lessons learned developing the company’s popular Analysis Pack bundle.[...] A quick glance through the MB-5 Dynamix’s set of features illustrates the intelligent and thorough approach that has been taken in putting this plug-in together.[...]

Arguably the most impressive aspect of the MB-5 Dynamix is its ease of use. Pleasingly, this doesn’t mean that there’s any dumbing down of its features, but instead, it sports a cleverly designed interface that allows you to interact intuitively with each of the bands, as well as keeping a close eye (and ear) on the compression taking place.[...]

The sound of the MB-5 Dynamix is clean, functional and efficient.[...] The MB-5 Dynamix really sets itself apart in respect to its usability. [...] It is a safe and effective tool that will allow you to refine rather than destroy all your finely crafted audio masterpieces."

Verdict: "The MB-5 Dynamix is a clean and efficient multi-band compressor that really shines in respect to its usability. Quick to set up and with clear metering, it’s a nicely presented, professional tool."

Rated 9/10 in Music Tech Magazine, issue 92

Blue Cat's Analysis Pack - Audio Analysis Tools and Audio to MIDI Plugins Bundle (VST, AU, DX, RTAS) About Blue Cat's Analysis Pack
Blue Cat's Analysis Pack was granted the 2011 Innovation Award by Audiofanzine

"Indépendamment des qualités propres des plugs, à savoir précision, ergonomie, richesse de fonctionnalités, de modes d’analyse, de choix de représentation graphique [...], ce sont bien évidemment les fonctionnalités de side chaining, la possibilité de littéralement transformer l’audio analysé en informations de commande Midi et/ou Automation, ainsi que la très utile fonction d’affichage de multiples courbes dans les versions Multi [...] qui font tout le sel des plug-ins d’analyse signés Blue Cat Audio.

D’autre part, la majorité des plugs équivalents inclus dans Logic [...] ne peuvent rivaliser en termes de précision [...], de réglages ou de qualité d’affichage.

La réponse à la question : "cela vaut-il le coup d’investir dans un tel bundle, alors que ma DAW inclut déjà des outils similaires?" sera donc : oui.[...]

Bref, avec ces plugs utiles, inventifs, innovants, offrant des fonctions inédites, l’éditeur a parfaitement réussi son coup. Bravo." - (France) [Read Full Review]

Blue Cat's All Plug-Ins Pack - All Our Professional Audio Plugins in a Single Bundle (AU, VST, DX, RTAS, AAX) About Blue Cat's All Plugins Pack

"The Blue Cat Audio All Plugins Pack is an INCREDIBLE VALUE! For the money, you are receiving over 35 plugins that function together better than almost any group of plugins that I’ve ever worked with before. They look great, sound fantastic, or don’t induce any sound coloration when they’re not supposed to. There are many compelling reasons for buying these plugins, especially since very few people really have attempted to understand most of the type of information that Blue Cat Audio is so intent on delivering with their plugins. This is all good news for the electronic musician, studio pro, semi-pro, and just casual DAW user because these plugins will improve the sound of your music vastly! [...]

Blue Cat Audio is going to be going places. Mark my word on this. Their products are as high-quality as some that I have that cost thousands of dollars and I actually prefer them in almost every case. Blue Cat Audio... A rather unusual name for a tremendously dynamic company making extraordinary plugins..." - Glen Heffner, CakewalkNet

Blue Cat's Destructor - Distortion and Amp Sim Plug-In (VST, AU, AAX, VST3, RTAS, DX) About Blue Cat's Destructor

"I am so blown away by the way this plug-in. I think it sounds absolutely amazing! " - Studio One Expert, October 2016 - [full video review].

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