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Blue Cat's DXi Manager - Enable DXi plug-ins in non DXi-aware applications (Freeware) About Blue Cat's DXi Manager

"Blue Cat's DXi Manager 1.0 has been tested by the Softpedia labs and found to be completely clean of adware/spyware components."

"100% CLEAN award" granted by Softpedia
Blue Cat's DXi Manager was granted the '100% CLEAN Award' by Softpedia - Click here for more information

Blue Cat's Parametr'EQ - WYSIWYG Parametric Equalizer Plugin (VST, AU, RTAS, DX) About Blue Cat's Parametr'EQ

Upon first playing with the plug-in it sounded much like the v2.1 that we had installed. Not much of an audible change was a good thing considering I liked the quality of the ealier version. Next I turned to the Non-Linear and Comp-Dist controls to see if I could dirty up this clean sounding EQ.

I was really impressed with the amount of warmth that could be added with this control coupled with the low shelf.(...)

The limiting and oversampling are also welcome new features. Overall I am excited to work more with this plug-in in a mix. - Daniel Agosto, Media Producer -

Blue Cat's Re-Guitar - Guitar Pickup And Body Simulator (VST, VST3, AAX and Audio Unit Plug-in) About Blue Cat's Re-Guitar

" This might be one of those rare things that comes along and becomes a complete game changer for me. It completely exceeded my expectations.[...] This is hands down the most convincing thing I've ever heard for acoustic tones. [...] It sounds better than a lot of acoustic guitars I've heard! [...] Pickup emulations: really, really, really useful tones for any situation I can think of in there.[...] @Blue Cat Audio Well done!" - metropolis_4 on The Gear Page - [full review].

Blue Cat's FreqAnalyst Multi - Real Time Multi Tracks Spectrum Analyzer (AU, VST, AAX and VST3 Plug-in) About Blue Cat's FreqAnalyst Multi

"If you are serious about mixing, (and who isn't!), then this piece is a must have! - Glen Heffner, CakewalkNet

Blue Cat's Remote Control - virtual MIDI Control Surface (VST, AU, RTAS, DX) About Blue Cat's Remote Control
Blue Cat's Remote Control was granted the Innovation award by Computer Music Magazine

"Looking to wield greater power over your MIDI software and hardware? This suite of virtual control surfaces might be the answer. [...] Remote Control 2 gives you deep, unified control over MIDI Continuous Controller data.[...] Does it work? Indeed it does. [...] Remote Control 2 does what it says on the tin, and does it well, all for a reasonable price."

"Verdict: Remote Control is a bit of a niche product, but for those who do need to unify their MIDI-manipulating activities, it could be a real lifesaver." - 8/10 rating granted by Computer Music Magazine (CM), March 2008 - - [read review on musicradar]

Blue Cat's Widening Parametr'EQ - WYSIWYG Mid-Side Parametric Equalizer Plug-in (VST, AU, RTAS, DX) About Blue Cat's Widening Parametr'EQ

"Blue Cat's range also includes a healthy selection of EQs and filters, and their Widening Parametr'EQ is another mastering tool with a twist. It's a stereo equaliser that operates in M/S mode, allowing you to apply different EQ curves to the Mid and Sides components of the signal before they are matrixed back into conventional stereo. [...] I was surprised at how effective the M/S equalisation can be for opening out a mix. A little high shelving boost and low-frequency cut on the Sides channel only can really make things more expansive, without introducing obvious artifacts or leaving a hollow centre, as some stereo width processors do. Sound-wise, the equalisation is transparent without being thin or unnecessarily clinical, and the width of the parametric bands can be set as low as 0.01 octaves, for surgical tasks such as hum removal." - Sound On Sound Magazine - May 2008

Blue Cat's Destructor - Distortion and Amp Sim Plug-In (VST, AU, AAX, VST3) About Blue Cat's Destructor

" Destructor doesn't look like an amp simulator, but let's not make the mistake of underestimating the immense scope of this plug-in: Destructor is all about distortion in the broadest possible sense, and that includes guitar amplifiers - basically all of them ever! From clean tones to mild overdrive to ultra high-gain, Destructor is equipped with all the tools necessary to deliver tones from across the board. [...] Look no further if you’re after a new and refreshing approach to the amp simulation game" - Gearslutz.

Blue Cat's Flanger - Classic Flanging Effect Audio Plug-in (VST, AU, RTAS, AAX, VST3) (Freeware) About Blue Cat's Flanger

The Blue Cat Flanger and Blue Cat Phaser are capable of a wealth of sound variations that belies their simple looking interfaces. - Max Debutante

Blue Cat's MB Dynamix Pack - Essential plugins for Multiband Dynamics Processing (VST, AU, RTAS, DX) About Blue Cat's MB Dynamix Pack

"With Blue Cat Audio’s innovative MIDI side-chaining system, the sky’s the limit.

[...] Blue Cat Audio are plug-in developers who put an enormous amount of thought into their products, creating an extremely powerful and flexible range of processors. If there’s something you want to do to the dynamics or tone of your audio, no matter how obscure or involved, the chances are you can set up one of their compressors or EQs to do it[...]

[Blue Cat's MB-7 Mixer] might seem an odd idea, but it actually provides alternative ways of implementing a number of fairly common processes.[...] It also has some fresh tricks up its sleeve, and most of these relate to Blue Cat’s trademark linking techniques. [...] The possibilities are, quite literally, endless.[...]

We shouldn’t overlook the core features of the MB5 multi-band dynamics processor. [...] You’ll have a job finding anything else quite so comprehensively specified. A highlight of Blue Cat plug-ins in general, and MB5 and MB7 in particular, is the amount of visual feedback they give you. [...] Everything you’d reasonably expect to be able to click on and move about can be clicked on and moved about.[...] Extreme parameter ranges on offer mean you can create some pretty out-there effects, especially when you get into abusing MB5’s upwards compression.

In general, I think these plug-ins will appeal most to those who want and need very precise control, and are willing to invest some time and effort in learning how to get the best from them. If you’re after creative dynamic effects that can’t be achieved in any other way, or you’re presented with problematic material that needs to be fixed, these plug-ins can do things nothing else is capable of. [...] They are uniquely flexible." - Sound On Sound Magazine - July 2011 [Read Full Review]

Blue Cat's MB Dynamix Pack - Essential plugins for Multiband Dynamics Processing (VST, AU, RTAS, DX) About Blue Cat's MB Dynamix Pack

Blue Cat's MB Dynamix Pack was granted the Performance Award by Computer Music Magazine"These are precise, almost scientific tools[...]. So, they require time to truly get to grips with. In return, they'll continue to deliver as you explore their depths. [...] Pros: Clever ideas well implemented, Quality multiband processing, MB-7 linking options a nice touch, Cross-band internal sidechaining.

Verdict: 8/10. A super-flexible, great-sounding plug-in combo for the more technically inclined. " - Computer Music Magazine - October 2011

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