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Blue Cat's Protector - Brickwall Limiter Plug-in (VST, AU, AAX, VST3) About Blue Cat's Protector
Blue Cat's Protector was granted the Performance and Value awards by Computer Music Magazine

Used on the master bus, it catches loud incidental peaks and transparently softens them, preventing nasty digital clipping without the need to turn the volume of your entire project down.[...] But Protector has many other tricks up its sleeve [...]. As a mix effect, Protector has just as many creative uses as it does purely practical ones [...], offering anything from brickwall-style peak limiting to violent waveshaping when used with very fast times. [...]

The Stereo Link control facilitates both linked and unlinked operation, as well as any point in between.[...] The plug-in doesn't introduce latency, and requires an insignificant amount of processor power, so stacking multiple instances is no problem.

All of which means that it's a thumbs up from us.

"Verdict: More than a mere limiter, Protector has quite a range of applications. What's more, it sounds great and is very keenly-priced." - 9/10 rating and performance and value awards granted by Computer Music Magazine (CM), October 2008 - - [read review on musicradar]

Blue Cat's PatchWork - Fully Configurable Plug-Ins Chainer and Multi FX / Standalone Host or Plug-In About Blue Cat's PatchWork

"Having had the pleasure of working with Patchwork and MB-7, I would most assuredly miss them if they were to disappear from my DAW. Enthusiastic thumbs up for both of these gems. Well done, Blue Cat. Very well done indeed!" - SoundBytes Music Magazine - June 2016 - [full review].

Blue Cat's Freeware Plug-ins Pack II - Download Freeware Audio Plugins (VST, VST3, AAX, Audio Unit) (Freeware) About Blue Cat's Free Pack

I have the freeware pack [...], I've used them alot and have always been pleased with the results. They do exactly what they are designed to do and I have never had a problem with freezing or crashes when using them. Not CPU hogs either. It's one of those bundles you'd be glad to have in your VST arsenal, IMHO. - jdt-Shades of Gray Recording

Blue Cat's Destructor - Distortion and Amp Simulation Plug-In (VST, AU, AAX, VST3) About Blue Cat's Destructor

" [Destructor] is capable of much more than just amp simulation and its range is everything from the gentlest, pleasing "warmification" to brutal audio annihilation.

The shape dynamics control [...] is where Destructor truly shines in relation to most of the competition. [...] This allows for much nuanced distortion design and can contribute to much expressivity in final tone." - SoundBytes Music Magazine - Nov. 2016 - [full review].

Blue Cat's Dynamics - Compressor, Gate, Limiter, Expander, Waveshaper Plug-In (VST, AU, AAX, VST3) About Blue Cat's Dynamics

"How can this cat possibly get any better? With its flexible, powerful approach and superb sound, Dynamics 4 could easily become your go-to dynamics plugin." - 9/10 rating - Computer Music Magazine - Sept. 2015

[read review on musicradar]

Blue Cat's MB-5 Dynamix - The All-In-One Multiband Dynamics Processor About Blue Cat's MB-5 Dynamix

"Blue Cat Audio’s MB-5 Dynamix plug-in [...] is cleverly designed to be both sonically effective and visually informative, clearly borrowing from lessons learned developing the company’s popular Analysis Pack bundle.[...] A quick glance through the MB-5 Dynamix’s set of features illustrates the intelligent and thorough approach that has been taken in putting this plug-in together.[...]

Arguably the most impressive aspect of the MB-5 Dynamix is its ease of use. Pleasingly, this doesn’t mean that there’s any dumbing down of its features, but instead, it sports a cleverly designed interface that allows you to interact intuitively with each of the bands, as well as keeping a close eye (and ear) on the compression taking place.[...]

The sound of the MB-5 Dynamix is clean, functional and efficient.[...] The MB-5 Dynamix really sets itself apart in respect to its usability. [...] It is a safe and effective tool that will allow you to refine rather than destroy all your finely crafted audio masterpieces."

Verdict: "The MB-5 Dynamix is a clean and efficient multi-band compressor that really shines in respect to its usability. Quick to set up and with clear metering, it’s a nicely presented, professional tool."

Rated 9/10 in Music Tech Magazine, issue 92

Blue Cat's Late Replies - Creative Delay & Reverb / Multi FX Plug-In & Host (VST, AU, AAX, VST3) About Blue Cat's Late Replies

"This plugin-hosting delay effect is as cool and fun to use as you'd expect, taking your echoes to experimental new heights." - Future Music, January 2018 - [read full review].

Blue Cat's MB-5 Dynamix - The All-In-One Multiband Dynamics Processor About Blue Cat's MB-5 Dynamix

"With Blue Cat Audio’s innovative MIDI side-chaining system, the sky’s the limit[...].

We shouldn’t overlook the core features of the MB5 multi-band dynamics processor. [...] You’ll have a job finding anything else quite so comprehensively specified. A highlight of Blue Cat plug-ins in general, and MB5 and MB7 in particular, is the amount of visual feedback they give you. [...] Everything you’d reasonably expect to be able to click on and move about can be clicked on and moved about.[...] Extreme parameter ranges on offer mean you can create some pretty out-there effects, especially when you get into abusing MB5’s upwards compression." - Sound On Sound Magazine - July 2011 [Read Full Review]

Blue Cat's Phaser - Analog Modeled Phasing Effect Plug-in (VST, AU, VST3, AAX) (Freeware) About Blue Cat's Phaser

The Blue Cat Flanger and Blue Cat Phaser are capable of a wealth of sound variations that belies their simple looking interfaces. - Max Debutante

Blue Cat's Late Replies - Creative Delay & Reverb / Multi FX Plug-In & Host (VST, AU, AAX, VST3) About Blue Cat's Late Replies

"Late Replies is one of the greatest delays in the world. [...] Late Replies can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it. That is what I love about it, everything is up to the user." - Blayne Stone - [read full review].

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