How To Control an Overdrive Pedal via MIDI

How to Remote Control an Overdrive Pedal via MIDI

In this video recorded in collaboration with The Guitar Channel (, we show you how to control via MIDI the Kernom Ridge overdrive pedal.

This pedal (made in France) has MIDI capabilities, so it is possible, using our Remote Control software (product page), to replicate on your computer all the controls offered by the pedal.

Remote control demo via MIDI of the Kernom Ridge ovedrive pedal

Gear used in the demo

  • Mac Computer.
  • MIDI capable audio interface: IK Multimedia AXE I/O in the video.
  • MIDI capable effects pedal: the Kernom Ridge in the video.
  • Two MIDI cables.
  • Your regular guitar setup (guitar, pedalboard, etc).

3 thoughts on “How To Control an Overdrive Pedal via MIDI

  1. I’m a new user of the Remote Control software together with the Kernom Ridge Pedal as seen in the video on this page. Here some questions:

    To change effects with PC and the remote software is no problem. But how can I save new created preset in desired preset number of th Kernom Ridge Pedal?? Where can I see the preset numbers of the pedal in the remote software??

    Is it possible to save different created presets in the remote software, which I can later then send to the Kernom Ridge Pedal to desired preset number??

    Remote control software is installed on my Acer Predator Helios 300 Laptop and Kernom Ridge Pedal midi-connected with IN/OUT of Cable Midimate II. Sending CC comands works fine but if I turn nobs on the Kernom Ridge Pedal, in Software the nobs do not ove. Is this normal???

    Thanks im andvance for your appreciate help.

    Richard, Switzerland

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