Echo and Multi Tap Delay Plugins Included in Axiom, Patchwork and MB-7 Mixer

When it come to delays, Blue Cat Audio has built quite of a reputation with Late Replies (product page), which is probably one of the most complete delays ever made with unlimited and unparalleled possibilities.

But did you know that Axiom (product page), Patchwork (product page), Late Replies (product page) and MB-7 Mixer (product page) also come with an Echo and Multi Tap Delay plugin perfectly suited for your everyday delay jobs?

Introducing Echo and Multi Tap Delay

The difference between both plugins is that the Echo produces a simple repetition with adjustable feedback control while the Multi Tap Delay has a maximum of 8 repeats with controlable spread control to obtain ping-pong stereo effects.

Both plugins can be synced to your host or external controller.

Delay plugin demos

Here are two demos to give you a small idea what you can do with both. Enjoy!

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