Bring Back The 90s: The Chorus Effect!

Axiom (product page), Patchwork (product page), Late Replies (product page) and MB-7 Mixer (product page) all have in common this excellent Chorus effect!

From classic modulation or vibrato effects up to modern and tempo synced chorus or special effects, this software pedal can do it all.

From top to bottom here are a few details about the controls of this chorus:

  1. Delay: this parameter, often called the pre-delay, controls the amount of delay between the dry signal and the doubled (pitch shifted) signal
  2. Depth: this controls the amount of pitch shifting
  3. Rate: this controls de speed of the low frequency oscillator
  4. Shape: this controls the type of wave (sine or triangle) generated by the LFO
  5. Spread: this let you control the stereo spread. 0% = mono, 100% = full stereo
  6. Dry-Wet: lets you mix between the dry and wet signal
  7. Sync: this option lets you sync the rate to your host tempo

Be sure to check out this guitar demo with the built-in Chorus plug-in in action with Axiom:

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