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Blue Cat's PatchWork - Fully Configurable Plug-Ins Chainer and Multi FX / Standalone Host or Plug-In

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Tip - How to Optimize a Windows Laptop for Low Latency Real Time Audio

Have you ever wished that you could use all your virtual instruments libraries for your keyboards or all these incredible virtual amps from your studio for your guitar or bass on stage? Make your wish come true, then: most laptops … [Read More...]

Tip - How To Do Mid/Side Processing With Any Plug-In

The traditional way to manage stereo streams is to use separate left and right channels sources. There is however another way: by recombining these left and right channels, you can actually separate the mid channel (mono or center) from the sides … [Read More...]

Tip - PatchWork 2.1 – What’s New? A Closer Look!

Let’s take a closer look at Blue Cat’s PatchWork 2.1 free update that was released today and explore some of its new features! 25 Built-in Audio Effects Blue Cat’s PatchWork can now be used as a multi effects processor on … [Read More...]

Tip - PatchWork + Destructor + Late Replies – The Ultimate Guitar Combo?

Did you know that as a guitarist, with Blue Cat’s PatchWork as a host application (or plug-in), Blue Cat’s Destructor for the guitar tone and Late Replies for the ambiance and creative effects, you have access to an incredible palette of … [Read More...]

Tip - Hosted Plug-ins Automation

Did you know that you can use automation to control the plug-ins hosted inside Blue Cat’s PatchWork or MB-7 Mixer V3? The example below uses PatchWork in Pro Tools 12, but the same applies to the MB-7 Mixer multiband plug-in … [Read More...]

Tip - VST3 Plug-In ID Changes on Mac

Despite all our efforts, sometimes bugs are not caught before the software is released, and this one has an impact on VST3 users on Mac, so we’d like to share more information about it with you, so that you can … [Read More...]

Tip - Save Favorite Plug-Ins and Settings & Reload From Menu

Did you know that with PatchWork V2 and MB-7 Mixer V3 you can save your favorite plug-ins (and their entire configuration) to reload them directly from the plug-in menu? Here is how you can do it! Save Plug-In and its Settings … [Read More...]

Tip - Effect or Virtual Instrument?

Did you know that there are two versions of Blue Cat’s PatchWork? In case you have not noticed, the PatchWork plug-in comes in two flavors: effect (“PatchWork”) or virtual instrument (“PatchWork Synth”). That’s two different plug-ins that you may want … [Read More...]

Tip - Blue Cat’s Crafters Pack: The New Bundle for Creative Minds

The release of Blue Cat’s Plug’n Script 2.0 is also the opportunity for us to unleash a new bundle: Blue Cat’s Crafters Pack. This bundle combines our most powerful tools to customize your virtual studio and build the ultimate audio … [Read More...]

Tip - Using Side Chain With Blue Cat’s PatchWork In Pro Tools

Starting with version 1.7, Blue Cat’s PatchWork supports external side chain with most DAWs. In this tutorial we’ ll show how to use the external side chain input with Pro Tools to feed a sub-plug-in hosted inside PatchWork with the … [Read More...]

Tip - Happy New Year – Blue Cat’s PatchWork Update

We wish you all a happy new year! To celebrate 2015, we are happy to announce a new version of Blue Cat’s PatchWork (free update for existing customers). So what’s new with this new release? New “Light Blue” Theme Skin If you … [Read More...]

Tip - Your Own (Free) Plug-Ins Browser with Icons on Mac

Did you know that you can use custom icons for your plug-ins on Mac? We have already shown in previous tutorial how to organize your plug-ins on Mac, and how to customize the organization with icons on Windows so that they … [Read More...]

Tip - Using Blue Cat’s PatchWork Host Application in 32-bit Mode on Mac

32-bit? On Mac, Blue Cat’s PatchWork standalone host application will run by default in 64-bit mode. This lets the application access as much memory as possible and load 64-bit plug-ins. However, some legacy plug-ins are available only as 32-bit binaries. In order … [Read More...]

Tip - Organize Your VST Plug-Ins on Windows

  As shown some time ago for the Mac, today’s tip shows you how to organize your plug-ins on windows, in order to find and load them quickly into Blue Cat’s PatchWork or MB-7 Mixer. As you will see, It’s no rocket … [Read More...]

Tip - Blue Cat’s PatchWork Standalone Tips Video

Still wondering how you can use our new standalone host application? Our Friends at Pro Tools Expert have released a nice video which demonstrates some of the capabilities of the new Blue Cat’s PatchWork Application, check it out![Read More...]

Tip - Blue Cat’s PatchWork Standalone: What Can It Do for You?

Since the release of Blue Cat’s PatchWork 1.6 yesterday, we have been asked a couple of times what it is possible to do with the standalone version of the software. So here is a brief overview and a few ideas … [Read More...]

Tip - Blue Cat’s PatchWork Standalone Host Application

With version 1.6, Blue Cat’s PatchWork is now available both as a plug-in and a standalone application: it can be used on its own, without the need for a third party host application. This is probably the fastest and lightest … [Read More...]

Tip - Using MIDI FX in Pro Tools

Did you know that you can use AAX plug-ins as MIDI Effects in Pro Tools? AAX plug-ins can receive MIDI events, modify them, and send them to another plug-in. Yes, it’s possible! MIDI Routing As an example, let’s see how … [Read More...]

Tip - Organize Your Plug-Ins on Mac

Your VST or Audio Units plug-ins folder looks like a huge mess? Having a hard time finding your plug-ins when loading them from Blue Cat’s PatchWork or MB-7 Mixer? Organize them! Originally posted on the forum by ninox_rufa, this is … [Read More...]

Tip - New in PatchWork 1.5 & MB-7 Mixer 2.4

This new release mainly brings stability and compatibility improvements with many plug-ins, but we couldn’t help adding several new features to enhance your workflow: MIDI FX Support Blue Cat’s PatchWork 1.5 can now be loaded as a MIDI FX inside … [Read More...]

Tip - Ensuring Maximum Mac/Windows Compatibility With Blue Cat’s PatchWork and MB-7 Mixer

Both Blue Cat’s PatchWork and Blue Cat’s MB-7 Mixer are able to host third party plug-ins. When systems are configured properly, it is possible to share presets, settings and host sessions between Mac and Windows platforms. We’ll take a few … [Read More...]

Tip - One More Thing for Pro Tools Users

If you are using Pro Tools, there is one more reason for using Blue Cat’s PatchWork to enhance third party plug-ins: AudioSuite. Some third party plug-ins are indeed sometimes available only for real time processing in Pro Tools’ mixer but … [Read More...]

Tip - Dynamic Latency Compensation in Cubase and Nuendo

When using Blue Cat’s PatchWork or MB-7 Mixer with audio plug-ins that add latency to the signal (for example plug-ins that run on specific DSP chips), our plug-ins dynamically report latency changes to the host application. However, Cubase is not … [Read More...]

Tip - Using Blue Cat’s PatchWork to Enhance Third Party Plug-Ins

You have now probably realized how you could use Blue Cat’s PatchWork to create your own effect chains and reuse them instantly in all your Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs). But have you thought about simply wrapping your plug-ins to make … [Read More...]

Tip - Blue Cat’s PatchWork Show and Tell Video

Our friends at Pro Tools Expert have released a show and tell review of Blue Cat’s Patchwork. Check it out!  [Read More...]

Tip - Blue Cat’s PatchWork Overview Video

It’s finally here… An overview video for Blue Cat’s PatchWork! If you are still wondering what this plug-ins is all about and what it can bring to your workflow, check this out! (video by Streamworks Audio)[Read More...]

Tip - UAD Plug-Ins in Pro Tools 11: it’s possible, right now!

Our friends at Pro Tools Expert have noticed that Universal Audio’s latest update now make UAD plug-ins compatible with Blue Cat’s PatchWork and Blue Cat’s MB-7 Mixer in Pro Tools 11: What does it mean for you? You can now use … [Read More...]

Tip - You said “Lightweight”?

Worried about CPU usage or memory consumption with Blue Cat’s PatchWork? When using a plug-in such as Blue Cat’s PatchWork to host plug-ins, one may be concerned about the overhead added by such a “wrapper” and decreased performance. Indeed, you … [Read More...]

Tutorial - How to Use the Free Presets Available on this Website

Read Tutorial - How to Use the Free Presets Available on this Website - Download and Load Shared Plugin Presets

This tutorial shows you how to get and load free presets for your favorite Blue Cat Audio plugin. This tutorial uses Blue Cat's Dynamics for the demonstration but is applicable to all our plugins...[Read More...]

Tutorial - Using MIDI Control in Sonar

Read Tutorial - Using MIDI Control in Sonar - Control Your DirectX And VST Plugins

This tutorial will help you understand how to use parameters MIDI control in Cakewalk Sonar. It is applicable to any DXi plug-in (MIDI enabled DirectX plug-in)....[Read More...]

Tutorial - Getting Started with Plug-ins User Interface

Read Tutorial - Getting Started with Plug-ins User Interface - The tips & tricks that will make your life easier

Get used to the user interface features of Blue Cat Audio products! They have been designed for an optimal workflow, so here are the tips and tricks to save time. All these features are explained in d...[Read More...]

Tutorial - Export Plugin Presets to Share them with the Community

Read Tutorial - Export Plugin Presets to Share them with the Community - Save your presets in an appropriate format for sharing

This tutorial shows you how to export your presets in order to share them with the community on the Blue Cat Audio website. This tutorial uses Blue Cat's Stereo Triple EQ for the demonstration bu...[Read More...]

Tutorial - Using DXi plug-ins in Sony Vegas

Read Tutorial - Using DXi plug-ins in Sony Vegas - A Solution to the 'My Plugin Does not Show Up in Vegas' Issue

This tutorial will teach you how to use any DXi plug-in in Sony Vegas: Sony Vegas does not support MIDI automation, so if your plug-in supports the MIDI Dxi protocol, it is removed from the plug-ins l...[Read More...]

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