PatchWork + Destructor + Late Replies – The Ultimate Guitar Combo?

[Edit – all these tools are now available inside the Axiom application and plugin]

Did you know that as a guitarist, with Blue Cat’s PatchWork as a host application (or plug-in), Blue Cat’s Destructor for the guitar tone and Late Replies for the ambiance and creative effects, you have access to an incredible palette of sounds for your studio work or live gigs?

Here are a few examples, using mainly factory presets… Enjoy!

Auto Backing Track

Just play the lead part, Blue Cat’s Late Replies will follow you and produce a backing track that fits your playing!


With Late Replies as a rhythmic pattern generator and looper at the same time, you can play both rhythm and lead parts a in a single take. Destructor loaded with “15 Crunch Comp” factory preset.

Clean Reverb

A clean guitar tone, with long reverb… What else?

Clean Pattern Delays

With clean tones, use pattern-based delays for rhythmic inspiration.

Guitar Swell and Harmonized Reverb

Violin-style auto swell with the built-in gate module of Blue Cat’s Destructor on a lead tone – the reverb is shifted by a fifth:

You can also do it manually with the volume pot of your guitar…

Playing with Harmony

Late Replies includes a pitch shifter – play with delays in harmony!

And Much More…

Do you actually need to know how to play the guitar? 🙂

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