Ableton Live: Simple MIDI Multi-Channel Routing With Patchwork

Ableton Live has some limitations regarding its MIDI routing capabilities that limit the usage of multi channel MIDI plug-ins such as InstaComposer to a single channel. It is really a pity given the capabilities of such plug-ins when used with multiple channels!

Here is how you can use PatchWork to avoid the problem, and route the multiple outputs of InstaComposer (and other MIDI plug-ins) to multiple virtual instruments. You can at last unleash the full potential of your multi-channel MIDI plug-ins easily!

You will also note how easy it is to route MIDI events between plug-ins in PatchWork as opposed to creating MIDI tracks in your DAW for every single connection!

If you want to go a step further, you can even mix/record the output of each instrument on separate tracks in Ableton Live using PatchWork’s auxiliary outputs, as shown in this tutorial.


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