Hosted Plug-ins Automation

Did you know that you can use automation to control the plug-ins hosted inside Blue Cat’s PatchWork or MB-7 Mixer V3?

The example below uses PatchWork in Pro Tools 12, but the same applies to the MB-7 Mixer multiband plug-in and any host application that supports automation.

Map Plug-In Parameters

The first step is to select the parameters you want to control from the outside, using the Params Map function, as explained in details in the manual:

Mapping parameters of plug-in hosted in PatchWork

Mapped parameters will appear at the bottom of the PatchWork or MB-7 Mixer GUI, if “Show Assigned Controls” is enabled (icon with 3 knobs in the toolbar):

Mapped Parameters

PatchWork’s parameters called “Control 01” and “Controls 02” are now mapped to the “Drive” and “Mix” parameters of the hosted Destructor plug-in. It means that you can use the PatchWork parameters to change the corresponding plug-in’s parameters and vice versa.

Automate PatchWork Controls

You can now automate the PatchWork controls in Pro Tools (“Control 01” and “Control 02” in this example) – they will control the mapped parameters of the hosted plug-in(s):

Enable automation for the Mapped Parameters in Pro Tools
Record and Replay automation as if the sub-plugin was hosted in Pro Tools.


12 thoughts on “Hosted Plug-ins Automation

  1. hi, would be nice a learn function which can detect the touched VST control and create a mapped parameter to it, check the Reason 9.5 – VST in Reason video on youtube from 2.45>

    1. Unfortunately this is not possible, as most host applications (especially Pro Tools) do not support it.

          1. That’s better than getting lost. In huge projects I need a fast reference aka “what means control1 in my PT track “bass” with several loaded instances within patchwork?”.
            If I have to change or work with the automation, I will open the patchwork window and then can see e.g. “Control1: Decapitator/Drive” – ah ok here I go.

          2. Sure. Btw you can already see this information when hovering the mouse over the mapped parameter knob: it displays the name and value in the preset LCD area at the top of the GUI.

  2. I battled with it for a while till I found out how the learn function worked. With that, it was just like automating directly in Pro Tools. It isn’t very clear in the manual…

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