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Blue Cat's Axiom
Blue Cat's Axiom
"The next generation: your axe beyond the limits"
Price: 199€ or $199 (tax incl.)
Blue Cat's Axiom - Guitar & Bass Amp Simulation With Effects (VST, AU, AAX, VST3, Standalone)

Blue Cat's Axiom is a powerful and open multi effects processor and amp simulation software for guitar and bass. Based on the acclaimed Destructor plug-in for amp simulations, Axiom offers an infinite number of exceptional tones for your axe.

MacOSUniversal BinaryWindows Vista or newerWindows x64 (64-bit)VSTVST3AAX64-bit AAXAudio Unit
Also in Bundles: All Plugins Pack / Axe Pack

Axiom includes two amp simulations channels (with pre and post effects) that can be mixed together or used alternatively like a real amp. You can choose your amp models from hundreds of presets or launch the amp editor to build your own, with complete control over the tone. Additional input and master sections let you adjust the tone at the input and the output of Axiom, with 4 additional effect slots each and an integrated high precision tuner. A brickwall limiter also protects the output from overshoot.

Axiom includes more than 70 built-in effects that can be loaded in any of the 32 plug-in slots, including a built-in version of Late Replies for creative delays and reverbs, a built-in version of Destructor to add your own distortion pedals, cabinets or additional amp simulations and a built-in version of Re-Guitar to change your pickups on the fly!

Blue Cat's Axiom is not limited to its built-in effects: these slots can also host third party Audio Unit, VST or VST3 plug-ins: you can use your favorite plug-ins anywhere in the signal chain and expand Axiom's capabilities.

And because playing alone is not so much fun, we have added a tools section with 3 additional slots to load virtual instruments: add a metronome, a drum machine, sequencer or your keyboardist's favorite synthesizer there to get it mixed with your guitar.

If you are looking for amp simulation software without the effects, see the Destructor plug-in. For a plug-in host & multi-effects processor without amp simulation, check out Blue Cat's PatchWork.

Main Features

  • Powerful and unlimited multi-effects processor and amp modeling software for guitar and bass.
  • Realistic and fully customizable amp simulation based on Blue Cat's Destructor.
  • Flexible routing: 2 parallel amp simulation channels with effects + input and master sections.
  • More than 70 high quality built-in effects: wah, delays, reverb, pitch bender, EQ, filters, distortion units, compressors, gate, chorus, flanger, phaser...
  • Includes Blue Cat's Re-Guitar, Destructor and Late Replies as built-in effects.
  • Built-in high precision tuner.
  • Open and extensible: load any third party VST, VST3 or Audio Unit (AU) plug-in.
  • Load and manipulate impulse responses (IR) in the amp simulator or the built-in EQ plug-in.
  • Delivered with thousands of presets for all sections and built-in effects.
  • Load third party virtual instruments to play along.
  • Global stereo spread control.
  • Lock sections to prevent changes when loading presets.
  • No latency.

Blue Cat Audio Standards:

  • Available as a standalone application and in most plug-in formats for Mac and Windows.
  • Full MIDI control and automation support, MIDI Learn.
  • No CPU load on idle: processing shuts down when fed with silence (optimal CPU usage).
  • Customizable user interface with transparency & zoom.
  • Smooth Bypass: noiseless plug-in activation / deactivation.
  • Undo/Redo.
  • Full featured integrated presets manager.
  • Copy/paste the state of the plug-in between instances.
  • Any sample rate supported.

Typical applications: Unlimited Guitar & bass amp simulation with effects, VST, VST3 and Audio Unit hosting.

Credits: this plug-in includes several factory presets created by Hans Van Even.

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Blue Cat's Axiom - Guitar & Bass Amp Simulation With Effects (VST, AU, AAX, VST3, Standalone) Blue Cat's Axiom - 40 high quality built-in plug-ins to choose from, or load any third party VST,VST3 or AU plug-in Blue Cat's Axiom - Browse factory and user amp models on 2D maps, and morph models into unique new tones. Blue Cat's Axiom - Choose from a large selection of Wah models or build your own Blue Cat's Axiom - Control built-in or third party effects directly from the main screen Blue Cat's Axiom - Use the Amp Editor to create your own amp simulations (full edit mode shown here)

User Comments & Reviews

"This is not your average amp sim.[...] This is a really, really deep plug-in. [...] If you’re into guitar sound design and ambiance effects, I don’t think you’ll find a better plug-in anywhere. Period. Download the demo, and within 30 minutes, you’ll buy it. It’s like a sound design laboratory.[...] The bottom line is that Axiom is unique. There is no other amp sim like it." - Craig Anderton - [Read full review].

"Overall I think this is a must have plugin for anyone. Guitarists and non-Guitarists alike. For guitarists/bassists that enjoy experimenting, there’s nothing comparable that’s targeted to you." - Robert Randolph [Read Full Review].

"I have never had this goosebump feeling as it just happens when playing with AXIOM [...] The virtual Superamp Axiom by Blue Cat Audio is definitely worth a tip!" - [Read Full Review].

"I have been playing with Axiom for one day NONSTOP. It is wonderful. It is probably one of the most well thought out plugins I have ever used. [...] The sounds are incredible and very full. [...] All in all a great product and I am very happy with it so far." - Dallon Ghan.

"Avec Axiom, Blue Cat Audio nous impressionne. [...] C’est un logiciel jouissif de par son principe, et des sonorités convaincantes respectant la dynamique des instruments." - - "Innovation Award" [Test Complet].

"I'm really getting into this plugin! I haven't really appreciated the possibility to leave the final guitar sound sculpting decisions until the final mix before, but with the Axiom this is obvious to me. Apart from the fact that it sounds great, is very easy to understand and edit and is very inspiring. It also has good presets that I use as starting points for my own sonic adventures. In short, very inspirational." - Mats N on The Gear Page - [full review and song].

"I can't imagine how much work and effort goes into developing a user friendly GUI for a plugin with the amount of incredible features provided here.[...] There is simply no tone you can't build in Axiom.[...] Axiom and Destructor give you a million high value ways to create your own professional quality guitar tones." - Honest Amp Sim Reviews - [Read full review].

"Dans un marché plus que concurrentiel, Blue Cat Audio arrive encore à innover avec cet Axiom, plein de sons pour guitares et basses, entre autres. En combinant un processeur multi-effet et des simulations d’ampli sous la même interface, Axiom pourrait bien devenir l’arme fatale des guitaristes en home-studio et, pourquoi pas, sur scène !." - KR Home Studio - Juin 2018.

"I choose Axiom over all the hardware solutions and trust me, I tried them all. I love it big time. I am at loss for words as to why anyone would spend endless money on hardware when the hardware is computer based at its core !!" - Lindsay (Verified buyer).

"Dazzlingly diverse and almost overwhelmingly powerful, Axiom's approach to amp modelling and rack construction is very different to the others here, and the depth to which it lets you dive into the fine details of your guitar (or, again, synth) tones is truly mindblowing." - Pro Tools Expert - [Read more].

"I think it is one of the best values out there. You can do so much with this plug-in.[...] I definitely put this one in the recommended pile." - [Full Video Review].

"I own several leading brands of software guitar emulation but Axiom is the first one I have used where the presets actually sound like well recorded real amps and are not instantly given away by the "digital fizz" which marks them as emulations and makes them not sit well in the mix. My initial experience is overwhelmingly positive, a quick tweak of an existing preset on the easy to use HMI and you have an eminently usable sound that sits in the track. In my view Axiom is a significant improvement in the state of the art of guitar amp emulation." - Robert Miller.

"With its unique approach and vast selection of effects, Axiom is an essential tool to have in your virtual guitar tone toolbox. It's hard to imagine another set of effects as complete and versatile as this." - Audio Geek 11 [Full Review].

"An extremely powerful multi-effects that rewards not only on electric guitars and basses, but also on many other instruments as well as vocals or synthesizer and keyboard sounds" - Beat Magazine.

To add your own comment about this product, please contact us.

Demo Limitations:

  • 5 instances of the plug-in allowed per session.
  • The effect is bypassed for half a second every minute.

System Requirements


  • An Intel or Apple Silicon processor.
  • Mac OS 10.9 or newer.
  • For the plug-in, any VST / Audio Unit / AAX compatible application (64-bit) .
  • For the standalone application, a Core Audio compatible audio interface.


  • An SSE2-enabled processor (Pentium 4 or newer).
  • Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 or 10.
  • For the plug-in, any VST / AAX compatible host software (32 or 64 bit).
  • For the standalone application, an ASIO, MME or WASAPI compatible audio interface (ASIO recommended).

For more information about supported platforms, see our Knowledge Base.

Versions History

V1.65 (2022/12/12)

  • New macro controls editor to edit plug-in parameters mapping.
  • Assign multiple parameters from multiple plug-ins to a single macro control, and adjust the range for each parameter.
  • Assign a name to each macro control, that is now displayed in automation lanes in most host applications (may require a session reload in some cases).
  • Parameters names for existing sessions will be automatically updated upon load.
  • Select macro knobs appearance among 18 predefined styles.
  • New learn modes to quickly assign plug-in parameters.
  • MIDI output is now enabled in standalone application.
  • Select individual MIDI I/O in standalone application.
  • Added an option in global & preset input settings to send MIDI events when MIDI-enabled parameters are modified in the plug-in (to update control surfaces accordingly).
  • In most plug-in formats, internal audio I/O configuration can now be selected regardless of the configuration defined by the host (you can for example force "mono to stereo" instead of full stereo to save CPU).
  • Axiom App now uses Apple's Hardened Runtime and the installer has been notarized to avoid security warnings on Mac.
  • New transport toolbar in Axiom app, including pause, rewind and tempo selection (with tap tempo).
  • Improved performance to load the user interface.
  • Improved VST parameter value display in some host applications.
  • Fixed bypass that did not let MIDI messages go thru for some MIDI plug-ins.
  • Fixed some GUI resizing issues with some VST3 plug-ins.
  • Includes Late Replies 1.6 and updated presets.
  • Includes Hot Tuna 1.2 with improved tuning precision.
  • Built-in Late Replies delay/reverb plug-in now opens in guitarist-friendly "EZ" mode by default.
  • Added Apple Silicon support for AAX Plug-in Format.
  • Mac: installers and plug-ins have been notarized to avoid security warnings on Mac OS Catalina and newer.

V1.62 (2022/03/28)

  • Native Apple Silicon (M1) version can now load 64-bit Audio Units that are not compatible with Apple Silicon (via the MacOS bridge).
  • New "network slave" mode to run as an audio/MIDI processing server for the Connector plug-in.
  • Presets can now be loaded via MIDI even when the user interface is closed.
  • Improved MIDI events timing precision in the application.
  • Windows: ASIO Control panel can now be launched from the audio settings window in the application.
  • Audio engine can now be restarted from the audio settings window in the application.
  • Fixed MPC Beat plug-in not loading.
  • Fixed VST3 version not always loading properly in Ableton Live 11.
  • Fixed latency compensation changes not always picked up by host applications.
  • VST3: Fixed parameters update issues in Studio One when bouncing tracks.

V1.61 (2021/11/02)

  • Single Installer on Mac (App and all plug-ins formats).
  • Fixed issue with amp volume knob and Destructor pedals in EZ mode not using the right parameter in some cases.
  • Fixed issues with Wah and Pitch Bender effects when using cheap MIDI controllers not updating values fast enough.
  • VST3: fixed random crash in Ableton Live 11 upon load.
  • Fixed a crash when loading some VST3 plug-ins that define a bypass parameter beyond the last automatable parameter.
  • Fixed an issue with built-in Looper which saved audio loops only as mono.

V1.6 (2021/06/29)

New Features & Improvements:
  • Up to 5 times more processing power with the new multicore engine that processes each channel and each tool on a separate core.
  • Multicore engine also available for the built-in Late Replies plug-in (Pattern module).
  • Improved Tone Maps navigation, with updated user interface (for amp simulation and 9 built-in effects).
  • Includes Destructor 1.6 and Late Replies 1.5.
  • Updated all 452 factory presets with appropriate drive range for all simulated amps.
  • New built-in looper plug-in (in the "Utils" category).
  • New built-in distortion and dynamics pedals based on Destructor with new pedal GUI.
  • New built-in delay models based on Late Replies 1.5 with new "EZ mode" GUI.
  • New DSP workload meter that displays the DSP activity and CPU load.
  • Added MIDI control support (MIDI CC messages) for Next and Previous Preset commands, with MIDI learn.
  • Improved MIDI & automation control settings with lock, reset and "save as global setting" capabilities.
  • Tap Tempo with MIDI CC to set BPM in the application with a footswitch.
  • Lock effects bypass switches to match the state of MIDI foot controllers when changing presets.
  • Preset files can now be dropped onto the preset LCD area to be loaded.
  • Improved buffer management in standalone application on Mac, reducing both latency and CPU usage.
  • Level meters, spectrum analyzers and tuner stop processing when the user interface is closed, reducing CPU usage.
  • reverted default preset to empty preset to improv performance upon load (the preset is still available as "Default Clean")
  • Reduced time to load Axiom or any built-in plug-in.
  • Multiple DSP performance improvements.
  • Reduced the number of threads used by the plug-in.
  • Improved global and preset settings window loading time on Windows.
  • Added ability to select the plug-in to load when a shell plug-in file is dragged and dropped onto a slot.
  • Full unicode support.
  • Native Apple Silicon (M1 processor) support.
  • Dropped 32-bit support on Mac.
  • Now requires MacOS 10.9 and newer.
  • Fixed standalone app not always asking for Microphone access on most recent MacOS systems.
  • Fixed host loop end value not properly passed to hosted plug-ins, for the VST2 version.
  • Fixed several crashes upon load for multiple third party plug-ins (mostly VST3).
  • Fixed display issues with Waves plug-ins V12 in Mac standalone application.
  • Fixed MIDI control for hosted plug-ins not always working when fed with silence.
  • Fixed VST3 (and sometimes VST) version freezing Ableton Live upon save on Windows.
  • Fixed harmonizer and Pitch Shifter built-in plug-ins that did not always flush their buffer upon bypass (short sounds could be heard when getting out of bypass)

V1.5 (2020/10/05)

New Features & Improvements:
  • Tail spillover: activate tail spillover from the toolbar to play effects tail when bypassed (available for Axiom itself or built-in delays and reverbs such as Late Replies). Also applies to sub sections (channel A/B, Pre or Post FX etc.).
  • Revamped Guitar & Bass Factory presets:
    • New hi hain presets using custom impulse responses (IR).
    • New responsive clean and crunch presets.
    • Reduced loudness and spectral balance discrepencies between presets.
    • Adjusted effects levels to preserve loudness when bypassed.
    • Adjusted reverb levels on all presets.
    • Most presets now support input overload gracefully (like "real world" amps): feel free to push the input gain by a few dBs!
    • New default preset to get started quickly with the software.
  • Arrow keys can now be used to navigate presets, in the main view or in the presets browser.
  • The opacity of the tone map window can now be adjusted for amp simulation and built-in effects.
  • Smoother presets switching.
  • Improved smooth plug-in bypass (faster and smoother transition).
  • Fixed: built-in Late Replies sometimes cut delay tail when using plug-ins in the feedback loops.
  • Fixed: output was mono when both A and B are off and I/O configuration is mono to stereo.
  • Fixed: the state of some VST2 plug-ins (which do not save their state as chunks) were not be restored properly if their number of parameters had been changed (e.g. FabFilter Pro-Q's latest update).
  • Mac: fixed GUI performance issues on native P3 displays and improved performance on other displays.
  • Mac: fixed mouse wheel that required large movements to change parameter values.
  • Mac: fixed mouse cursor flickering issues.
  • Mac: fixed Esc key not closing fine edit parameter dialog.
  • Mac Audio Unit: fixed plug-in listing in some host applications (Plogue Bidule...).

V1.41 (2020/05/28)

  • New high resolution graphics for knobs and sliders.
  • Updated Re-Guitar built-in plug-in to version 1.1.
  • Reduced disk footprint.
  • Fixed several issues with hosted plug-ins bypass (graphical glitches, untriggered bypass...).
  • Mac: Fixed keyboard not responding in registration panel in some host applications (LUNA, Garage Band...).
  • Mac: Fixed demo version that could hang Logic when reloading projects using the plug-in.

V1.4 (2020/02/03)

  • New "stomp box" look & feel for built-in effects.
  • New built-in effect: Hot Tuna high performance tuner.
  • The tone maps explorer for the amp simulation is now accessible directly from the main user interface.
  • Mac application now fully supports dark mode on Mac OS Mojave and newer.

V1.32 (2020/01/06)

New Features & Improvements:
  • Navigate presets and create new tones easily with "Tone Maps" for 9 built-in effects: Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Wah, Sweep Filter, EQ, Freq Shifter, Reverb and Waveshaper.
  • New presets for the built-in wah plug-in.
  • Built-in EQ & Amp Sim: improved impulse response convolution performance (long reverb tails are now supported, with low CPU usage).
  • Mac: faster GUI rendering on recent Mac OS systems (up to 5x faster for level meters).
  • Improved built-in tuner performance.
  • Mac: fixed user interface not properly shown on retina displays in some applications built with the 10.14 Mac OS SDK (Cubase 10.5 for example).
  • Mac: fixed settings panel rendering issues in dark mode on Mac OS Mojave and newer.
  • Fixed issue with some VST3 plug-ins that failed to initialize when loaded (Roland Cloud VST3)
  • Fixed built-in Wah plug-in that could exceed selected range in reverse mode.

V1.31 (2019/09/25)

  • Fixed tone maps presets morphing that did not work on Mac.
  • Fixed tone maps "reload from presets" when the map was created on another platform (Mac vs PC).
  • Fixed persistency of tools rack display setting.

V1.3 (2019/09/23)

New features:
  • New amp tones explorer with amp models morphing: explore and morph amps in 2 dimensions to create unique new tones easily.
  • New presets (and sub-presets) browser with built-in search: find factory or user amp models and effect chains to create new patches.
  • Added hundreds of new presets, sub-presets, new amp models (from Destructor 1.5) and new reverbs, delays and modulation effects from Late Replies 1.4.
  • MIDI Program Change preference is now saved into session instead of global preferences, so each instance can now use different MIDI channels. It is also saved in the user default preset.
  • VST3: added program change support for VST3 plug-in format.
  • VST3: added MIDI output support for VST3 plug-in format.
Built-in effects:
  • New "Overdrive" and "Overgrind" distortion pedals.
  • New Level (volume control) and Micro EQ built-in plug-ins.
  • Added a gain parameter to several built-in plug-ins to avoid volume changes when switched on/off (pitch and frequency shifters, modulation effects, delays).
  • Increased knobs precision for pitch shifter and waveshaper built-in plug-ins for smoother control.
  • Increased gain control range for distortion pedals.
Third party plug-ins host:
  • VST and VST3 plug-ins previously displayed as missing because of name changes are now relocated automatically (Waves major updates, 32 and 64-bit plug-ins with different names etc.)
  • Improved auto-relocation performance when a large number of plug-ins have moved.
  • VST3 Host: added MIDI output and program change support for recenlty updated VST3 plug-ins.
Other fixes and improvements:
  • Hovering the mouse on the current preset name now displays a tooltip with the full path of the last loaded preset file.
  • Enlarged the area to click on plug-ins bypass and "Show Editor" buttons.
  • Improved plug-in and app listing in Windows 10 start menu.
  • Fixed an issue with hosted plug-ins editors not always restored in the right position in Cubase on Windows.
  • VST: the user interface is now properly resized in Cubase on Windows.
  • Mac: fixed issue with Magic Mouse that could trigger drag and drop instead of mouse click.
  • Mac: faster GUI rendering on recent Mac OS systems (up to 5x faster on level meters).
  • Mac: fixed user interface not properly shown on retina displays in some applications built with the 10.14 Mac OS SDK.
  • Spectrum analyzer display of built-in EQ will not take priority over DAW or other plug-ins user interfaces.
  • Changing the slope of lowpass and highpass filters in the built-in EQ is now smoother.

V1.2 (2019/03/12)

  • New Re-Guitar built-in plug-in.
  • New "Re-Guitaring" presets using the new plug-in.
  • Fixed issues with Pitch Shifter, Harmonizer and Pitch Bender plug-ins when changing mode (there could be an audible delay).

V1.12 (2018/12/06)

  • Spectrum analysis (Amp sim & built-in EQ plug-in) is now performed in the background and does not affect audio performance.
  • Audio analysis for the tuner is now performed in the background and does not affect audio performance.
  • Improved convolution performance for the impulse response loader on multicore processors.
  • Fixed modulation plug-ins that did not always properly set rate when used in host sync mode (sweep filter, flanger, tremolo).

V1.11 (2018/10/19)

  • Fixed built-in Late Replies delay plug-in that produced digital distortion when loaded in Axiom presets.
  • Fixed built-in multitap delay plug-in that could get out of sync in some host applications.

V1.1 (2018/10/09)

  • Load impulse responses (IR) in pre or post filters of the amp simulator. The frequency response of IRs can be shifted and mixed together with the usual filter settings.
  • The built-in EQ plug-in can also load and manipulate impulse responses.
  • Drag and drop support:
    • drag and drop plug-ins between slots (copy or move).
    • drop the plug-in before another to insert it in the chain
    • drag and drop plug-ins between several instances of Axiom or across plug-ins (compatible with the latest preview of Late Replies, MB-7 Mixer and PatchWork).
    • drag and drop .dll, .vst, .vst3, or .component files directly from the Finder or Explorer onto plug-in slots.
    • drag and drop .plgnfo files (previously saved from the software) directly from the Finder or Explorer onto plug-in slots.
    • drag the amp simulator, and drop it on any slot, like any other plug-in.
    • drop the amp simulator onto channel A or B to copy the amp model to the other channel.
    • Drag and drop amp channel (A or B) to copy the entire channel settings to the other channel.
  • Fixed Joe's Bowl factory preset that included an instance of PatchWork.

V1.0 (2018/04/19)

First release.