Loading Backing Tracks With Axiom’s Built-In Audio Player

Did you know that Axiom, our multi-effect processor for guitar & bass, has a built-in audio file player? Playing over a backing track (and recording yourself) is just a drag and drop away!

Playback can be triggered either from the application (as shown below), or from the audio player (select “None” for “Host Sync”).

Thanks to these synchronization features, when Axiom is loaded as a plug-in in a DAW, the audio player can also be synced with the entire session.

Are currently supported: wav, mp3, flac and aiff files.

Audio files can also be looped, and may be inserted anywhere in the signal chain (remember, the audio player is a plug-in). So you can for example record a dry guitar part, and play it before the amp to try different amp settings and find the right tone. Anything is possible.



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