Blue Cat’s Axiom & Axe Pack 1.0 – Upgrade Paths

[WARNING: Please note that this blog post is specifically about the 2018 launch of Axiom V1 and the Axe Pack. It does not pertain to the latest Axiom V2 or the Axe Pack released in 2023]

Blue Cat’s Axiom is now available for purchase, alone or as part of the new Axe Pack bundle.

If you are already a registered customer, we propose you several upgrade paths, depending on the software that was already registered before this announcement:

Blue Cat’s Axiom for Registered Customers

Blue Cat’s Axe Pack for Registered Customers

Blue Cat’s Axe Pack is a bundle that contains all you need to play guitar or bass “in the box” and more, including Blue Cat’s AxiomLate RepliesDestructor and PatchWork (4 products).

You can upgrade to the Full Axe Pack with one of the following offers, if you already own plug-ins that are part of this bundle:

  • 1 product owner: 199 EUR or USD (-33%)
  • 2 products owner: 99 EUR or USD (-66%)
  • 3 products owner: you can buy Axiom for 59 EUR or USD  (-70%)

How, Where and When?

If you have accepted to receive emails from us upon purchase, you should receive the appropriate offer by email depending on your registered products in the next couple of days.

If you haven’t received anything from us within three days, please check your spam/junk folder and then contact us by email (it may take some time for us to manage all requests, so please be patient).

Tip: whitelist our email address (support[at]bluecataudio[dot]com), if you want to be sure to receive our offers!

The introduction offers will end on May 19th 2018, and so will these upgrade offers. Don’t miss them, check out the demo versions now!

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5 thoughts on “Blue Cat’s Axiom & Axe Pack 1.0 – Upgrade Paths

  1. In February 2017 have purchased the Blue Cat Crafters pack in the Don’t Crack web store. For some reason unknown to me, I have not yet received any email offering the upgrade prices to purchase Axiom or the AXE pack.

    Is there anything that needs to be done on my side to receive such an offer?

    Thank you very much in advance for your support, with best regards,


    1. For privacy reasons, customers for purchase on this site are not automatically subscribed to our customer emails. We will send you the offer shortly.

    1. Yes, you now have several crossgrade options. Just go to your full version download page (link received by email upon purchase) to see the offers.

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