Multicore Processing: What is it, and why do you care?

With the release of PatchWork 2.5, and in the latest previews of Axiom, MB-7 Mixer and Late Replies, a new multicore processing feature has been introduced to get the best real time performance out of modern CPUs.

Let’s see what’s hidden behind this new feature, how it works and why you care about it for your audio effects and instruments!

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Apple M1 vs Intel for Audio: A Benchmark

The new Apple M1 Macs have been available for a few months now, and the new M1 processor has been reported to bring huge performance gains for multiple CPU benchmarks.

Raw CPU performance is one thing, but what’s up with these new machines for real time audio? Do they really perform better than Intel Macs?

We have tested for you the latest previews of two of our flagship products, Axiom and PatchWork, optimized for both Intel and Apple Silicon (M1) processors. Let’s see what the tests revealed! Continue reading

Native Apple Silicon Support (M1 ARM Chip)

We are glad to announce that previews of our software are now available with native Apple Silicon ARM support!

So if you are running a new Mac with an M1 processor, you can now choose to run our software natively on the processor (instead of going thru the translation layer called Rosetta 2).

The previews are 64-bit Intel and ARM universal binaries. They will run on Mac OS 10.9 or newer, with either an Intel or ARM processor.

Available Products

ARM previews are currently available for the following plug-ins / apps:

How To Get The Previews?

Follow this tutorial to access the preview downloads. You will find the native ARM installers in the subdirectory named “Apple Silicon“.

Why Not Official Releases?

Building for ARM means dropping support for Mac OS 10.8 or earlier, as well as dropping 32-bit support. We would like to keep supporting customers using older systems as long as possible. Since newer Macs with Apple Silicon machines have been released very recently, they are not widely used yet.

Also, most host applications are Intel only, so they will load plug-ins as Intel binaries with the Rosetta 2 translator on newer Mac anyways.

But keep in mind that our previews are usually very stable, so you can use them safely on your new (or old) Mac!


And feel free to send us your feedback about these previews, whether you are running an Apple Silicon or Intel Mac!

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The Making Of Re-Guitar: Creating a Tone Modeling Plug-In With Cat’s Ears

Re-Guitar is a plug-in that lets you change the tone of a guitar to improve it or make it sound like another instrument: you can change the pickups, modify the body, or transform your electric guitar into an acoustic instrument.

All of this in real time, with no latency – and no need to actually destroy the guitar: we already did it for you, as you can see below…

It took us quite a bit of time and efforts to create this unique plug-in… Here is the full story, in a few words and pictures! Continue reading

Blue Cat’s Axiom: Yet Another Multi Effects Processor With Amp Simulation?

So Blue Cat’s Axiom is now available… wow, that’s great! Wait a minute… What’s up with this new effects processor / amp simulation?

Why do we, guitarists and bassists, need yet another piece of software to take care of our precious tone?

Let’s figure it out with this Q&A with our founder, Guillaume Jeulin:

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The Dark Side of the Destructor: Q&A


Our new plug-in, Blue Cat’s Destructor, will be soon available. So we thought you would be interested in looking at the “dark side of the plug-in” and know more about how it came to life, before getting your hands on it in a few days!

Here is a Q&A session about this new plug-in with our founder and CEO, Guillaume Jeulin. Continue reading

A Blue Cat Audio Plug-In On CNBC

Find of the day: Blue Cat’s FreqAnalyst Pro has been spotted on a CNBC commercial!

Blue Cat's FreqAnalyst Pro on CNBC

Of course, it’s not a paid product placement for subliminal advertising 😉 – it looks like it was simply used by a drums manufacturer in the show to analyze the response of their products.

Thanks to RealHomeRecording for the heads up! You can check it out here (around 2:12-2:13).