Website Improvements

In order to offer you a better experience on our website, we have decided to implement a few changes. There is more to come, but as you may have already noticed, is already not exactly the same today!

menuNew Drop Down Menus

While it is still possible to click on tabs in the main menu the “old way”, you can now also directly access the main sub-sections instantly, using the drop down menus.

This should speed up your navigation if you know where you want to go, and it should also help you discover new places on the website!

search_boxNew Integrated Search Capabilities

The search feature has been completely redesigned and is now fully integrated into the website.

The main search box (bottom left of each page) will still search the entire website and blog (with improved accuracy), and you now have access to new tutorials and products search pages that should help you quickly find what you are looking for:

New Integrated Search Results
New Integrated Search Results Pages

Better Tutorial Pages

When browsing tutorials by product, the results are now sorted by relevance, so that the tutorials dedicated to the plug-in now appear first. Also, for video tutorials, you can now watch them directly on the web page.

Press Releases and More…

An archive of official press releases is now available directly on the new press page.

While browsing the website, you may also notice lots of small improvements here and there…

And like said earlier, there is more to come, so keep connected!

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