Axiom & Destructor V2 Release News

Announced earlier at NAMM in April, Axiom V2 is currently in the final development stage, almost ready to be released. If you follow us on social media, you may have seen a couple of updates about it already. But since we have been asked many times, here is a quick update with more details about the upcoming release!

What To Expect, When, and How Much?

Axiom V2 will have everything announced at NAMM plus a couple of extras that we have been working on in the past couple of months, such as greatly improved MIDI control, completely rebuilt presets with new amp models and distortion pedals, and lots of new components to customize the user interface and more…

Axiom V2 will be fully compatible with Axiom V1, so it will work with all existing presets and sessions.

It is currently expected to launch on September 12th. It will cost $/€ 249, and we’ll have an introduction offer. Existing V1 customers will be able to upgrade to V2 for a small fee, and if you purchased Axiom V1 in 2023, the upgrade will be free! So if you cannot wait for the release, feel free to get Axiom V1 right now!

What About Destructor?

Don’t worry, Blue Cat’s Destructor is still alive and also deserves an update!

Axiom V2 will indeed embed the Destructor V2 engine for its amp simulation and distortion / compression pedals modeling (many improvements were made for Axiom V2), and we plan to release a new major version of the Destructor plug-in pretty soon too (shortly after Axiom V2 is available).

And yes, it will contain many new features and improvements, from the user interface down to the DSP engine, as you can see above if you are already familiar with it!

Why Is It Taking So Long?

Every single amp, pedal and Axiom preset is fully rebuilt from scratch, guitar or bass in hand, to make sure it both sounds and feels great (and there are thousands of these). All Axiom V2 presets are now full guitar rigs with multiple (optional) effect pedals and custom macro parameters. So it takes a bit of time to tweak and test with multiple guitars (yes you always need more…)!

There are also a couple of new features that have been added since NAMM, to make Axiom V2 As flexible and yet easy to use as possible… And there has also been some new gear in the lab to make measurements and get inspired from for new amp and pedal presets!

So keep connected, it’s coming!

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