Blue Cat’s Destructor Review: “Excellent”

The Garageband guide has published a review of Blue Cat’s Destructor, together with an overview video (see below). The plug-in was rated “Excellent”:

“having spent several hours finding my way around Destructor and putting it through it’s paces i’m happy to report that it really is as flexible and fully featured as Blue Cat describe. […]

Destructor’s interface is well laid out and a breeze to use; Blue Cat have went to great lengths here to make sure getting some fantastic sounds as easy as possible.[…]

Viable as a great sounding Amp sim as well as a downright filthy saturation and distortion plug in, Blue Cat Audio’s destructor offers fantastic value for money.”


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Destructor Review: 4.5/5 & Great Value Award

audiofanzine-reviewBlue Cat’s Destructor has already been reviewed by French website

The plug-in gets an excellent review: 4.5 out of 5, and a “Great Value” award.

Even if you don’t read French, you will want to check it out and listen to the 60 audio samples that cover a wide range of styles and applications.

Read full review here!

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Review of the Day: Blue Cat’s Destructor, by Studio One Expert

After Pro Tools Expert, it’s time for Studio One Expert to review our new plug-in, Blue Cat’s Destructor.

I am so blown away by the way this thing sounds!

Check out the full video below and listen to Paul Drew while he goes thru a few guitar presets and shows how the adaptive dynamics shape impacts the sound.

Want to try the plug-in by yourself and check how it sounds with your own rig? Free demo versions are available for download here.

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It’s 10/10! One day to 11 / Pro Tools Expert Review

It’s almost here! Blue Cat’s Destructor will be available for demo and purchase tomorrow!

Here is a short review of the plug-in by Pro Tools Expert, from a guitarist prospective: “It’s so easy to use”, “the possibilities are endless”, “I forget that it is a plug-in, it’s that good!”… Check it out!

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Blue Cat’s Dynamics 4.0 Reviewed by Computer Music


Computer Music Magazine wrote in issue 222:
“How can this cat possibly get any better? With its flexible, powerful approach and superb sound, Dynamics 4 could easily become your go-to dynamics plugin.”

The full review of Blue Cat’s Dynamics 4.0 is available for reading on MusicRadar.

CM has also published a 2 minutes video of the plug-in:

Blue Cat’s PatchWork Reviewed in Computer Music Magazine

“Patchwork is hugely flexible – it can even run VST plugins in non-VST hosts, like Logic […]. PatchWork works well and is worth every penny of its asking price.”

That’s the conclusion of Computer Music Magazine’s review of our virtual plug-ins patchbay that was published today on MusicRadar. To the read full review of Blue Cat’s PatchWork on MusicRadar, just follow this link.