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  1. Just found Axiom… ( after spending a fortune over the years on other sims that come nowhere close 🙂 .. Is there a Looper in there or perhaps one in the future.
    Thanks for keeping my interest alive. Take care – Lindsay

  2. Hi. Do you perhaps have a suggestion for a VST plugin looper I could use . Must be able to enable me to use different presets to play with. Many thanks

  3. Hello There,
    I have a plan to purchase your software.

    What I need :
    1. I want to increase my audio music for more loud of Bass and Treble, but with sound of quality is not over and hear a music very clear, can you please provide me which is a software that I use.

    2. Did the software once I do a settings or configure, can it be saved as a preset and also, once it software is close or computer is shutdown, then computer on again it will called to the latest configuration or need to called back to preset.

    Please provide me an information.


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