Miaow Wah: The Future of Wah?

The Miaow Wah is a plug-in available in AXIOM, Patchwork, Late Replies & MB7 Mixer. This is probably one of the most versatile and complete Wah plug-in available, thanks to the additional editor which gives you endless filter possibilities and let’s you customize the Wah or auto-filter effect to your needs.

The Miaow Wah comes with tons of presets built after classic Wah pedals, but also brings some unique original FX.

You can control this plug-in with an external midi controller or use the “Auto Wah” option to let it react to your playing automatically. A dedicated Wah editor gives you visual assistance on the range and details of the filter, and the tone map editor lets you explore and create new Wah models very easily.

Here’s a demo using the Auto Wah option, delivering some very funky guitar sounds within Axiom:


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