Rig of the Day: Gibson SG / Prince Chorus Preset

Welcome to our new ‘Rig of the Day’ episode, where we’re diving into a world of musical creativity. In this episode, we’re showcasing the classic Gibson SG, paired with the ‘Prince Chorus‘ Axiom preset.

Today, we’re putting a unique twist on Stevie Wonder‘s timeless hit, ‘Happier than the Morning Sun‘, drawing inspiration from talented musicians like Allen Hinds, Pat Metheny, and the legendary Weather Report. Join us as we explore the sonic possibilities of the Gibson SG and the ethereal ‘Prince Chorus’ Axiom V2 preset, crafting a one-of-a-kind instrumental rendition of this beloved song.

This episode is a tribute to the artists who’ve shaped our musical journey and a chance to share our passion for sound. With rich stereo chorus, immersive ping pong delay, and other sonic treasures reminiscent of the ’80s era, get ready for a musical adventure! 🙂

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