Blue Cat’s Axiom: Yet Another Multi Effects Processor With Amp Simulation?

So Blue Cat’s Axiom is now available… wow, that’s great! Wait a minute… What’s up with this new effects processor / amp simulation?

Why do we, guitarists and bassists, need yet another piece of software to take care of our precious tone?

Let’s figure it out with this Q&A with our founder, Guillaume Jeulin:

Why Axiom? What’s the story?

Because I desperately needed it! :-). We had already built Destructor for guitar amp tones (and more) two years ago, because there was nothing for me that could get close to the feeling of playing an amp “in the box” (read the reasons for building yet another amp simulation here).

Later came Late Replies for delays, reverbs and all sorts of effects that worked pretty well on guitar too. Since then, I have been using PatchWork to combine them with additional built-in effects and create guitar patches that sounded great and could be reloaded instantly either in the app for live rigs, or in any DAW when in the studio…. Awesome!

But after using this package for a while, I felt the need for a more integrated solution, dedicated to guitarists and bassists, with the amp simulation at its core. Also, more effects (Wah, Reverb, Pitch Bender, Harmonizer…) were still missing for a standalone solution that could work on its own.

What makes Axiom different?

Working on Axiom presets, guitar in hand

I have been using all sorts of gear and software in the past 25 years (solid state and tube amps, multi effect processors, amp simulations, pedals,…) and this is the first one I am fully happy with! Here is why:

  • It works well for both studio recording and live gigs. I can have the same tone anywhere instantly.
  • As said earlier, the amp simulation was designed to sound and FEEL good while playing. Every single algorithm and preset was created with a guitar in hand, not just tested with pre-recorded tracks.
  • Axiom is open, it has no limit: it offers an unlimited number of amp simulations (you can create your own – no degree in electrical engineering is required here), and effects are unlimited too, since you can load third party plug-ins.
  • While it can emulate things from the past pretty well, Axiom is directed towards the future and lets you create your own guitar tone that does not necessarily sounds exactly like your neighbor’s. The 20th century has ended long ago!

Axiom is already packed with features. Why the Axe Pack bundle then?

The initial idea was to provide full versions of the Blue Cat’s Destructor and Late Replies plug-ins for a small fee, so that you could also use them outside of Axiom (for an optimal integration with your DAW).

But PatchWork has also been added, because it is a great addition to Axiom: you can easily build complex effects chains (with parallel routing) and reuse them as a single plug-in in Axiom, with almost no overhead.

One last word?

Enjoy“: I hope you will enjoy using these tools as much as we enjoyed creating them!

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