Announcing New “Freeceiver” Plug-in at NAMM

We are delighted to announce a new free plug-in at the NAMM show this year!

Meet Freeceiver, the free plug-in and application that can receive audio and MIDI streams sent by the Connector and Fader Hub software on a local network or remotely, thru the Internet!

Working with remote clients? You can send them audio and MIDI in real-time from your DAW without the need for them to acquire a license to our software. Freeceiver is 100% free, like all our free software!

Jamming with friends, recording a session or playing a live gig with Fader Hub? Get listeners connected for free with Freeceiver!

Available both as a plug-in and application, it lets you either stream and record into your favorite DAW, or simply play the stream straight into your speakers or headphones on whatever machine that is connected to the network. It is as simple as that!

Freeceiver is expected to be released later this quarter. Stop by our booth (#16300) at the NAMM Show to check it out, and keep connected!

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