Exploring Axiom Guitar Tones With Allen Hinds (1/3): Crunch Presets & Amp Tweaking

While in Los Angeles for the NAMM Show, I had the opportunity to sit down with Allen Hinds – one of my favorite guitar players and composers, to explore and discuss guitar tones with Blue Cat’s Axiom, our all-in-one guitar software with built-in amp simulation and effects.

Allen Hinds being mostly used to playing thru good old guitar amps with just a couple of pedals, will he like the tones and feeling when playing straight into our software? Let’s find out, guitar in hands!

First Steps Into Axiom

In this first part of our series, Allen Hinds plays thru a few crunch guitar factory presets until we find the one and tweak it to fit Allen’s unique right-hand playing.

It is also the opportunity to experience and discuss the specifics of Axiom’s amp simulation, powered by the Destructor engine, with its unique dynamic response that reacts to your playing.

Does Allen Hinds sound different when playing thru our guitar software? Check out the video!

To be continued in the next episode, digging into effects and more!

About Allen Hinds

If you don’t know Allen Hinds yet, check him out on the web!

With 5 (soon 6) mainly-instrumental solo albums and many contributions to other artists’ work, there is a lot to listen to. Allen Hinds is also a great teacher and there is lot to learn from him. Check out his bio and YouTube channel!

He also publishes tips and videos regularly on Instagram that are definitely worth watching, and you can get even more thru his Patreon page. But the best thing is to see him play live!

If you happen to be in the Los Angeles Area, you may have the opportunity to see him play at the famous Baked Potato Jazz Club or other places around the city. Don’t miss it!

About Blue Cat’s Axiom Software

Blue Cat’s Axiom is our all-in-one multi effects processor for guitar with built-in amp simulation and third party plug-ins support.

Axiom is unique in many ways, with the release of Axiom Version 2 a few months ago, it has become even more powerful and yet easier to use.

As you can see in the video above, it does not take long to find a factory preset that fits your needs as a starting point for your own guitar tone. 

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