Axiom V2: The Buzz is On!

After much anticipation, Axiom V2 finally dropped earlier this week, and the initial reviews are in! Curious to know what folks are saying about this exciting update? Well, the YouTube community has you covered – check them out!

Leon Todd

Straight from Australia, Leon Todd‘s review (YouTube channel) focuses on the advanced features offered by Axiom. He had already reviewed version 1 a couple of years ago, so he deep dived into V2 pretty quickly.

Did he like it? Watch the video!

Henning Pauly

Prepare for a jolt of energy with the dynamic German youtuber Henning Pauly (YouTube channel)! He’s had a blast with Axiom V2, and if you’re wondering whether Axiom is the ultimate amp sim, Henning’s video has the answer!

Curious about this mysterious “John Browne” preset for Axiom? Download it now!

Mad Steex

From Italy, here is Mad Steex (YouTube channel)! If you like metal or acoustic tones, his video is a must-watch.

Get ready for some seriously killer sounds!

But here’s the real deal: the best way to experience Axiom and form your own opinion is to grab the free demo and give it a spin! Download it now and let your music journey begin!

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