Guitarists Tried Blue Cat’s Axiom and They Liked It!

In case you have missed them, here are a couple of videos made by guitar players who tried the Axiom amp simulation and multi-effects processor and liked it.

Watch out! Great tones and guitar licks in here!

Henning Pauly

In this 1 hour video, video Henning Pauly goes thru most of the features available in Axiom to craft your guitar tone:

Ola Englund

In this video, Ola Englund focuses on how he would use Axiom as a standalone application for his own live rig, loading his favorite third party plug-ins and controlling the whole thing with a MIDI pedal board.

David Wallimann

David Wallimann explores here the possibilities offered by Axiom to create your fabulous guitar tone. Don’t miss these incredible sounds and guitar licks!

Martin Miller

Martin Miller has been a customer of ours for a while (using Destructor and other mixing plug-ins), so he naturally accepted to shoot this demo video for the release of Axiom. In this 20 minutes video, he focuses on the flexibility of Axiom to explore new sonic territories and plays some crazy guitar licks. Link to Martin Miller’s free presets in the video!

Ryan “Fluff” Bruce

Ryan Bruce tried both Axiom and Destructor independently, here are his reviews:

Bill Vencil (Chords of Orion)

When the king of Ambient guitar on YouTube discovers Axiom, here is what happens!

Marcos Mena

We met Marcos Mena at the NAMM show in 2018. Check out his incredible two hands tapping technique (played with clean tones) that he uses to create beautiful and original guitar pieces:

Mad Steex

A crazy review of Axiom from Italy!

Vito Astone

Producer, arranger and guitar player, Vito Astone played quite a bit with the new Re-Guitar plug-in built into Axiom:


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