42 Gear Street – The Only Guitar Event In 2020?

We had the chance to be invited by Henning Pauly to participate to the 42 Gear Street event in Germany earlier this year (August), despite the pandemic.

It was the opportunity to meet great people (most of them guitar addicts), wear odd face masks, exchange ideas and licks, discover new guitars, and also shoot a couple of videos, demonstrating and discussing our guitar software.

It was definitely worth the 2000 kilometers drive, especially if you consider that all other events in the industry have been cancelled so far. Here are the first videos shot during the event and a couple of pictures to show you the place.

42 Gear Street: The Place To Be in 2020!

The Guitar Geek: Axiom Play Through

Leigh Fuge: Blue Cat Audio’s Guitar Software Walk-Trough

Karl Golden Part 1: Quick Overview Of Guitar Plug-Ins

Karl Golden Part 2: Guitar Tone Blind Test

Hop Pole Studios & Jen Majura Part 1: Hi Gain & Feedback

Hop Pole Studios & Jen Majura Part 2: Crazy Late Replies Delays and Reverbs

Sam Bell: What Makes Blue Cat’s Axiom Unique

More videos will be added here as they get published. Keep connected!

You can also follow the #42gstwo hashtag on social media to see more content about the 42 Gear Street event!

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