Guit Armor Fest 2024

The second edition of the Guit Armor Fest took place in Rostrenen this week, and we were lucky to have been invited again to this great festival to demo our guitar software during the day, before the concerts.

This year we wanted to show guitar lovers that the pleasure of playing guitar with software not that different from playing on good old tube amps, with flexibility and control over tone as a bonus! So we have brought a full live rig, including:

  • A laptop running the Axiom application and the AcouFiend and PolyVibe plug-ins.
  • A custom MIDI controller to interact with software using physical knobs and switches instead of the trackpad (much more convenient with a guitar in hands). It works just like a good old amp!
  • A simple power amp with two 2×12 FRFR speakers.

That’s a great stereo setup, with more than enough power to have a lot of fun, enjoying the myriad of amp simulations and effects available in Axiom. Check out the pictures below!

Many thanks to Pat O’May for this great event! See you there next year to celebrate guitar and music!

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