Loading & Enhancing NAM Profiles With Axiom

We often get asked if Axiom provides support for NAM (Neural Amp Modeler) profiles. Yes, it definitely does! Thanks to third party plug-ins support, you can easily load the free open source NAM plug-in into Axiom and load your NAM files from there.

But you can actually do much more than that: in the video below, Josh Hammond tells you all about how he uses NAM profiles within Axiom for both pedals and amps to create great stereo guitar setups and how he combines these with effects and third party impulse responses (IR).

CREATING AN AWESOME NAM WORKSTATION IN AXIOM: Nam files are definitely a part of our guitar future. They’ve allowed us to get incredible, high quality sounds with minimal effort, and getting our hands on them has never been easier.

In this video, I’ll show you how to create an awesome NAM workstation using Axiom from Blue Cat Audio. We will take strong advantage of Axiom’s incredible support of 3rd party plugins, and ability to process two signal chains at once. Beyond that, we will also be using some of Axiom’s amazing built-in plugins, effects, and utilities to bring together the ultimate Frankenstein guitar tones!

About Neural Amp Modeler and NAM profiles: Neural Amp Modeler is an open source project that uses deep learning to profile existing gear and reproduce their tone in software. You can find many free captures of famous gear in this format on the web. These profiles let you extend the capabilities of the Axiom software via the free NAM plug-in.


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