Fader Hub Jam Details, with Full Video, Uncut!

Here is the unofficial full Fader Hub jam video without titles and uncut (it was a bit too long to fit in the original introduction video)!

The video shows a connected jam session using the new Fader Hub application, with 5 tracks + Mixing talkback, using almost only Blue Cat Audio software and plug-ins (details below):

Tracks & Gear

  • “Fred – Guitar”: Fender Artisan Telecaster (Figured Mahogany) with the Axiom amp simulation plug-in.
  • “Bill – Guitar”: PRS Modern Eagle V Experience 2020, with the Axiom amp simulation plug-in.
  • “John – Keys”: Nord Stage 2 (synths & Hammond) and Viscount Legend 70s (Rhodes piano).
  • “Kris – Bass”: Fender California Precision Bass Special (1997), with Axiom amp simulation plug-in.
  • “Alex – Drums”: Roland V-Drums kit triggering Addictive Drums 2 plug-in, loaded inside Blue Cat’s PatchWork software, as explained in details here).
  • “Mixing Engineer”: with a simple microphone talkback (not in the mix) to communicate with participants. This is the main Fader Hub instance used for recording and mixing the whole session (with audio sources from the audio interface or going thru the network), with Blue Cat Audio plug-ins exclusively.


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