Axiom V2 Intro Video: “Behind the Scene” Director’s Cut

For the release of Axiom version 2 (Product Page) we shot a short demo to showcase different sounds and illustrate the new features. In this official demo, the point was to mainly show Axiom.

In the “Director’s Cut” version you will see more the guitars played.

Axiom V2 Official demo

Director’s Cut version

This version has a bit more guitar porn, be warned. 🙂

Guitars & Gear used in the video

In the order they appear in the video with the timing of their first appearance:

  • 00:00 Fender Stratocaster Artisan “Figured Mahogany” (Custom Shop)
  • 00:17 Fender American Standard Jazz Bass (1990s)
  • 00:20 Gibson Les Paul Studio “100” (2015 – I beg you, don’t ever buy this guitar, it is NOT good!)
  • 00:23 Fender Stratocaster Artisan “Figured Mahogany” (Custom Shop)
  • 00:38 G&L Tribute ASAT Classic Blues Boy (Semi Hollow – modded with a P90 pickup at the neck)
  • 00:40 Gibson Les Paul Studio “100”
  • 00:51 Kopo Ouessant acoustic guitar (recorded direct via piezo)
  • 00:58 Godin LGX-SA (with piezo pickup)
  • 01:01 Ibanez SRF 700 Fretless Bass
  • 01:16 PRS Swamp Ash Special 25th Anniversary
  • 01:33 PRS Studio S2
  • 01:39 Fender Stratocaster Artisan “Figured Mahogany” (Custom Shop)
  • Roland VDrums triggering XLN Audio’s Addictive Drums plug-in

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