MB-7 Mixer: The Box Of Audio Magic

Multiband processing with your favorite VST/AU plugins:

Multiband processing opens up a new world of possibilities for creative producers. Traditionally, this has been a technique used by mastering engineers to glue a mix together with purpose-built tools for multiband compression, or to control the stereo width of a complete mix with multiband techniques.

If you are new to multiband processing, the idea is this: rathen than applying your processing to the entire signal, you split it up in frequency bands and treat each frequency range separately. As mentioned above, this is a common practice in mastering, when applying compression and stereo processing to separate bands can bring out punch and clarity better than treating the whole mix to the same processing. 

The spectrogram display in MB-7 Mixer showing the signal split into four frequency bands.

But mastering isn’t the only place where multiband processing is useful. Today, it’s become one of the many tools available to producers and sound designers. For example, a rich and clear lead guitar sound may get a little compression and reverb in the high ranges, some extra distortion in the high mids and compression in the lower bands.

With the MB-7 Mixer, the multiband world is open for any type of processing you can think of. MB-7 Mixer is a flexible mixing tool that will split a signal into separate frequency bands and then process each band with your desired audio effects. It includes 30 high-quality effects, but perhaps best of all: you can load your favorite VST/AU plugins into any of the MB-7 effect slots. Yes! All your plugins just became multiband effects!

MB-7 mixer handles up to seven parallel frequency bands. Each comes with pre and post fader effect slots as well as standard mixer controls such as level, pan and stereo width. For more advanced mix projects, several instances of MB-7 can be linked together for easy level management across multiple tracks and with advanced MIDI and automation capabilities it can be used for advanced sidechain processing. 

MB-7 Mixer is an incredible box of magic that offers up new insights and ideas each time you use it. Whether you need multiband tools for mastering or mixdown duties or if you are simply looking for a creative audio processor, give MB-7 Mixer a try.

MB-7 Mixer is on sale until August 10, 2020. Get it for $99 only – 25% off!


2 thoughts on “MB-7 Mixer: The Box Of Audio Magic

  1. Hi, lately I have not been able to load my MB-7 as it is unable to find the standard skin (or any others for that matter). The file location for skins is empty, and it’s been a headache to try and find it. Can you help ?

    1. Have you tried to reinstall the software, and click on “Cancel” when it asks you to choose the skin? If you have moved the plug-in manually, you also have to move the “data” folder with it. Please contact us by email to follow up with support if you are still having issues.

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