How To Load & Use Custom Impulse Responses In Axiom & Destructor

Now that we can load custom IR’s inside Blue Cat’s Axiom (Amp + internal EQ), we thought it was a good idea to write a short tutorial on how to load and use/tweak IR’s inside Blue Cat Audio software.

You don’t know what an IR is? IR stands for “Impulse Response”, and is the reaction of a dynamic system in response to a brief input signal (usually a very short audio signal = gun shot). This allows to make a digital print of hardware or software and load the result in your own host software.

We can use this procedure to record models of reverbs, equalizers, amplifiers, cabinets, … In our case we’ll going to use it to load IR’s of existing guitar amp cabinets in the POST EQ section of Axiom’s amp simulator (Destructor). All you need for this is Blue Cat’s Axiom or Destructor and some impulse responses of guitar or bass amp cabinets. We are going to use here the free (& huge) 7deadlysins Impulse Pack gathered by Osiris Guitar.

Step 1: Load Axiom (or Destructor)

Step 2: If you start with Axiom, then click on the AMP A edit button on the right, this will open Destructor.

Step 3: Now click on the edit button of the Post-Filter module

Step 4: From here, just click on the small wav icon at the bottom right of the Post Filter module, here’s the place to start to load your IR’s.

Step 5: Click on “Load IR” and load an IR. We’re going to use the “Engl 4×12 V30 SM57 Between03” IR from the free 7deadlysins Impulse Pack. Note: you can also drag and drop the files directly from the File Explorer or Finder onto the module.

Step 6: Here is the result with the IR loaded, and now the real fun begins! What is great is that you can use all the existing tools from the EQ  module (HP, Shelv, Peak, LP, Comb Filter) and fine tweak your IRs further, so you’ll end up with tons of possibilities.


Step 7: On top of that you have the ability to adjust the amount of the IR signal (Mix) and a shift tool which lets you shift the entire IR to a lower or higher frequency range.

Of course the new IR tool is not limited to the Post Filter: you could for example load IR’s of guitar pickups in the Pre Filter or transform an EQ module into a reverb using reverb impulse responses.

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  1. ok this is awesome, you need t o put this in the Axiom specs, you don’t mention it on your website, if so it is hidden away, this is a MAJOR good thing….thanks !

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