How To Create AAX Plug-Ins For Pro Tools And Media Composer

With Plug’n Script 3.2 you can now export your audio and MIDI plug-in creations as AAX plug-ins that can be loaded directly into AVID’s Pro Tools or Media Composer on both Mac OS and Windows.

In this tutorial we will show you how to create AAX plug-ins quickly, right from inside Pro Tools or Media Composer.

Creating a Plug-In with Plug’n Script

You can load Plug’n Script as a plug-in inside Pro Tools or Media Composer, which lets you write and test your audio and MIDI processing code without quitting the application.

Once you are happy with it, exporting a plug-in from there is completely straightforward, as shown in the video below:

An Extra Step for AAX Plug-In Format

As explained in the user manual, the export command will produce several plug-ins that you can load in various DAWs. For the AAX format, an extra code signing step is required in order to load the plug-in into either Pro Tools or Media Composer: the raw exported plug-in won’t load until you perform this extra step.

Just register on the AVID website and become a registered AVID developer, in order to get the tools and certificate to sign the plug-in. You will then be able to finalize the exported plug-in with a single command line.

And that’s it! Once signed, the AAX plug-in can be loaded by AVID applications, and you can use it for yourself or distribute it to your customers.

Pro Tools First

If you want to make your plug-in available to the free Pro Tools First application, you just need to sell it thru the AVID Marketplace. Get in touch with your developer contact at AVID for more details.



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2 thoughts on “How To Create AAX Plug-Ins For Pro Tools And Media Composer

  1. Hello,
    I’m currently running Yosemite 10.10.5 on a Mac mini (late 2014)
    Please would you tell me whether this OS is current enough to run your software?
    I’m new to coding and I’m interested in building a step sequencer AAX for pro Tools 11.3.2.
    Is the Plug’n Script software capable of this task?
    Thanks & best regards,

    1. Yes, our software currently runs on MacOS 10.7+. Plug’s Script should be able to let you build such a plug-in. You may want to try the demo and see what you manage to build with it.

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