Network Audio Mixing and Streaming at NAMM 2023

Join the LLAN party! Please Welcome Blue Cat’s Fader Hub, the network mixing and streaming console designed to play music with others over the Internet or in your studio!

A Network Mixer? The Concept of Fader Hub

Musicians are relying more and more on computers and software to play music and produce sounds these days, in the studio or (more recently) on stage: keyboard players have indeed been using laptops for years for gigs, and guitar players are now starting to do the same.

On the other side, audio over Ethernet has become more and more popular for large installations or personal headphone mixes, but it remains expensive and there are compatibility issues – your standard home router will typically be not compatible with these systems.

So why not create a software solution that helps musicians play together over a local network, or remotely, thru the internet? Or maybe even both at the same time?

That’s how Fader Hub was born, based on the lossless audio streaming technology built for the Connector plug-in.

It’s Actually Two Mixers

Fader hub is composed of two mixers: this first one is a local mixer that lets you mix several audio inputs (a microphone, a guitar, several keyboards, virtual instruments…) and add effects to build your own local audio stream.

The LLAN (Low Latency Audio Network) mixer sends this local mix to other musicians over the network, and receives the streams from other musicians, so that you can mix them together with your own instruments. You can even add audio effects to individual streams to create your very own mix:

Remote Multitrack Recording!

Don’t miss a beat! Fader Hub lets you record the master output or individual streams to disk in real time, so that they can be edited and re-mixed later, or simply to keep track of your performance.


Available as a standalone application or  a plug-in in most formats, Fader Hub is fully interoperable  with the Connector plug-in, and it can load built-in effects or third party VST, VST3 or Audio Unit plug-ins on its console strips.

Musicians using  a Mac or a Windows PC can communicate with each other seamlessly, over any wired IP network (WiFi not supported).

Want to know more about Fader Hub? Check out the product page for more information!

Fader Hub in Action

Fader Hub has been available in the lab for a while (that’s the privilege of developing your own tools to play music!), and it has been used a couple of times already to jam in the lab, or thru the internet, as you can see here (click on the picture to get the full story):

This new software is not yet available to the public.

Come and see it in action on our booth (#16300) at the NAMM Show this week!
If you cannot make it to the show, keep connected to get more details!

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