Axiom V2: The Future Of Guitar, Revisited at NAMM 2023

Blue Cat’s Axiom, our multi effects processor and amp sim for guitar & bass was launched 5 years ago at NAMM 2018, with a different approach to amps and effects modeling. It is now time for a major update… Please welcome Blue Cat’s Axiom V2!

Easier for beginners, more powerful for advanced users

The new “EZ mode” with extended macro controls lets you browse presets or play live gigs with a simplified view: access effects and their main parameters in a virtual pedalboard without having to open an single window.

All presets have been updated and revisited with easy controls to tweak the sounds with just a few knobs.

You can also build your custom rigs with your own macros, controlling multiple effects with a single knob, choosing your own look and feel that suits your style. The pedalboard in the EZ view will adapt itself automatically, displaying only the controls that you need:

The new EZ mode also supports dual amps & effect chains setups, offering quick access to all controls in a single view:

The large tuner display at the top of the new EZ View makes it ideal for the stage, you cannot miss it!

Record yourself over backing tracks directly in the application

The Axiom V2 application lets you record your performances to disk easily without having to open full DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software:

And you can also drag and drop audio files to the tools slots, to launch the new built-in audio player. Launch backing tracks with the mouse or via MIDI.

Destructor V2: HD Modeling

The new amp modeling and distortion engine provided by Destructor V2 has been improved with additional filters for more accurate amp modeling, offering extra control over the tone.

It also comes with new amps and pedals presets, than can be used in tone maps to create new models.

GUI customization brought to the next level

With Axiom V2 you can choose a custom color for each plug-in slot, to identify every single effect easily at a glance:

Select the knobs, background and face plate individually from new HD graphics to create custom amps and pedals with the new style builder. It’s fast and easy, with tons of options:

With more than 230 000 styles available, you should be able to find your own!

And that’s just a quick glance at the new version: there is more… Come and see Axiom V2 in action on our booth (#16300) at the NAMM Show this week, or check our social media if you cannot make it to the show!

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