Blue Cat’s Axiom & Destructor – News!

So you are wondering what’s going on with Blue Cat’s Axiom since its announcement at NAMM earlier this year? It’s not Q2 yet, but we are making progress!

Blue Cat’s Destructor 1.3

We have just shipped Blue Cat’s Destructor 1.3, and all the improvements for this release will be included into Axiom.

So you might want to check out the latest version of Blue Cat’s Destructor to have an idea of what guitar and bass amp simulations will look and sound like in Blue Cat’s Axiom 1.0!

New Built-In Effects

Some of the new built-in effects for Axiom: Click to enlarge

As you can see in the screenshot here, new built-in effects have been added since our NAMM demos.

You now have an incredibly flexible Wah (more on this later…), a very nice transparent reverb, a pitch bender (that can definitely replace your whammy bar), and a stereo harmonizer (that lets you play chords with a single finger)… Axiom now includes 40 built-in effects and utilities!

Oh, and you will also probably enjoy the built-in high precision tuner (on the left of the GUI)!

MIDI Control

We are having a lot of fun testing Axiom with a wide range of MIDI controllers at the office.

It was not demoed at NAMM, but Axiom was built with MIDI control in mind, so that you can easily replace your entire live rig with just a laptop, the standalone Axiom application and a MIDI controller.

We have now entered a new phase for the product (currently in restricted beta), so it is now being polished for its release during Q2 this year!

And you, are you ready for it?

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