MacOS High Sierra Compatibility

A quick update regarding the compatibility of our software with MacOS High Sierra released by Apple this week: so far, so good!

We have not tested all hosts applications yet, but the plug-ins and PatchWork standalone application appear to be running fine.

Just be aware of the following changes / limitations:
– Audio Units require the system to be rebooted after install (they are not recognized before the reboot).
– Audio Units won’t load in Garage Band unless it has been already granted extended access for another plug-in (for some reason the option is not proposed for our plug-ins).
– For the plug-ins stored on a SSD, presets lists are not arranged by lexicographical order.
– since 32-bit Carbon has been removed from the system, some third party 32-bit plug-ins or host applications using this deprecated technology may not run properly. So it is recommended to use 64-bit applications and plug-ins instead!

Feel free to comment if you encounter any other issue with our software – we will keep testing in the coming weeks, as audio applications get certified for this new system, and we are working on updates to remove the limitations mentioned above.

Enjoy your new system!

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6 thoughts on “MacOS High Sierra Compatibility

  1. Hi!
    In Cubase Patchwork does not reload the Plugins at startup. So I have to save the Patchwork-setting and at startup I have to reload it. This is very annoying. Is this a High Sierra issue?

    1. I guess you are using the VST3 Instrument version? Cubase has a bug and resets the preset number for VST3 Instruments right after loading their state. We have asked for a fix a couple of times but it seems it has not been implemented yet. You can maybe use the VST2 version instead. We are also thinking about implementing a workaround, specifically for Cubase…

  2. Same problem as above. Cubase 9.5 on Mac. PatchWork 2.1 is not recalling its contents when saved as a track preset. Guess I’ll have to switch back to the VST2 version for now.

  3. We have just released an update (v2.11) that should avoid this problem – We hoped Steinberg would have fixed their bug in 9.5 but that’s apparently not the case…

  4. I have an issue using audio units in patchwork on protools 2018/ high Sierra.

    Most noticeable on verbs and delays..

    If there is any breaks in the audio on my timeline, the verbs will cut out during the strips of silence (break in audio)

    This doesn’t happen with the same plugins loaded as vst.

    Any ideas?

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