Fader Hub & Axiom V2 Preview Video at NAMM 2023

Fader Hub Preview Demo at the NAMM 2023

NAMM 2003 was the opportunity for us to reveal the brand new Axiom V2 and Fader Hub software, expected to be released later in 2023. Want to know more about them? Check this out!

Building on Connector (product page) which allows you to play through the network, locally or remotely, Fader Hub is basically a multi-track version of Connector to connect multiple musicians together easily. It is not available yet but we got plenty of enthusiastic feedback during the show, and we are looking forward to releasing it!

On the guitar side, version 2 of Axiom (product page), our software for ultimate guitar and bass amp and effects simulation, is currently being finalized…

Among new features, you will get a new “easy mode”, onboard recording, advanced macro control of effects parameters, new filters for more accurate amp and pedal simulation, more GUI customization capabilities and much more.

Fader Hub & Axiom V2 Overview

While Fader Hub and Axiom V2 are still being fine tuned in the lab, here is a short demo video shot at the NAMM show last month. Let’s see these two in action on the show floor!

Fader Hub

Axiom V2

Needless to say we are pretty excited about this new software and are working hard on it to get it it into your hands as soon as possible! Keep connected!

Let us know what you think and ask questions on the forum!

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