Re-Guitaring Unveiled In First Videos

While Blue Cat”s Re-Guitar (product page) is being finalized in the lab, we have recorded a few videos to give you an idea of what it can do… Enjoy!


Transform your bright and funky single coils into powerful modern humbuckers.

With a bit of hollow body simulation and a classic humbucker, meet the Jazzocaster!

Single Coils

Transform your fat humbuckers into bright and sparkling single coils!

To play the Blues, would you choose a Stratocaster or a hollow body with P90s?

Acoustic Guitars

Re-Guitar can also do acoustic guitars!

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4 thoughts on “Re-Guitaring Unveiled In First Videos

  1. I am so pumped about this plugin. From the demos you have hit a home run, Blue Cat.

    Obviously the actual pickup’s natural tone will influence the result of the Re-Guitar transformation. I am not expecting Re-Guitar to transform my Hamer Duotone into an exact copy of a Stratocaster. But if you get me close I will be in heaven.

    Have you tried using an acoustic guitar recording with a magnetic pickup transformation?

    Have you tried the plugin in real time with a low latency audio interface? Will there be a noticeable lag?

    Does the plugin use a lot of CPU resources?

    1. That’s indeed right. The idea is to keep the character of the original guitar but modify the sound of its pickup or body. Currently the plug-in does not offer input correction for piezo or acoustics but we’ll see if it can be done in the future. The plug-in does not have latency and CPU usage is really light. All video examples have been recorded with the plug-in in real time.

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